So low

This morning I had my lowest low ever- 28. I woke up hungry, but fine, slightly later than usual, about 30 mins. Got out of the shower, tested at 98, decided to grab breakfast on my way to work b/c i was running late. Made a lunch quickly and suddenly felt like there were light blobs in the room. I was feeling weak, so I sat on the couch and tested. 28! Jebus. 45g worth of juice, a sweat outline on the pillow and 15 minutes later, I was 70. Acceptable. Changed out of my sweat drenched clothes, into new ones. Had a small bowl of cereal, no bolus, went to work. 120 around an hour later. Now, pre-lunch 188. Ugg. Holy glucose swings, Batman.
Now I’m feeling like I ran a 5k, on no sleep.
I’m still in shock at how fast I can feel ok and be 98 and then be Not OK and 28. 23 minutes for a 70 point drop. No wonder I feel like crap now.

  1. Yikes.

I am very happy to see that you made it through without bumping your head. Hope you feel better by dinner time :slight_smile:

Yuck, I know the feeling you’re talking about. No fun.

Hope that you’re feeling back to normal soon!

Like Dino said, it’s great you made it without so much as a bump on the head; especially since it seems no one was there to help you. Do you live alone?

I remember once, when living alone, waking up with a very low BG (I forget the number). I also remember sitting on the kitchen floor in front of an open refrigerator with apple juice spilled all over the place.

I don’t remember what happened in between.

I know how you feel I was 13 in my first school dance and my blood sugar droped from 99 to 22 in 1/2 an hour it was crazy