Low today !?!

Whether low to the point you needed help or a low that you caught yourself... anybody been LOW today...

i was low today before my zumba class and again when i got home-58. ive eaten everything that was in the kitchen.

Yes - twice. I was low after working out, ate a couple of mints then went out for lunch...then had a low again about an hour after lunch. Both lows were manageable (57, 63).


No dice. I had endo and got my second 5.1 A1C in a row though despite losing my cheat (exercising) for going on 4 weeks now...:-(

Congrats to you on another great A1c.

wow, 5.1!! that is fabulous! damn! congratulations!

Only one screaming dexcom alarm for me after an hour long swim. Dexcom said 48 but I'm sure it wasn't that low. A couple of glucose tabs seemed to do the trick.

Thanks guys. The endo mentioned that it seemed like there weren't as many lows as she'd seen in the CGM reports she'd seen in the past which is probably another good thing, although I've noticed my DP seems to be oozing up, an ugly combo of no exercise + late meals.

Woah, wouldn't you know it, there's a 53...high in the AM again, correction plus breakfast bolus and dallied reading the computer...

For no apparent reason I kept going down after my lunch pp of 95 and before dinner was 58. But I used that number efficiently as I was planning on eating pasta for dinner which I only do about every few months. I actually bolused, boiled the pasta and ate which I normally don't do (I wait to bolus until the number comes up)> Useful low.

gotta love a useful low!


Then retested same finger, immediately after and was 40+ points higher. Re-tested in twenty minutes and was supposedly low again... no signs at all, did not believe. Repeated a 2nd time (again) and was not low at all...

Disgusted amused sigh