Lower Lows

Been pumping 6 mo. now and I don't recognize my lows most times until I hit 40's or 50's. I used to know if I was getting close to 80 or even 90. Is it the longer you have the disease or the longer you pump or just better control causing my slight unaware state? Any opinions?

It’s due to tighter control…

Harder to feel the lower numbers when there aren’t big swings from high to lows, so it’s your improved control. Some people say hypo unawareness also comes with time, but don’t think that’s it since it’s only happened in the last 6 months since pumping.

I was told by my CDE that the frequency of lows causes hypounawareness. I had unawareness years ago…that was reason I started pumping.

I have it too but I can still sometimes tell.It is very hard though.Women have less reserves of epinephrine and are more prone to hypo unawareness.

'm not totally hypo unaware. I’m just having to reach much lower numbers to be aware. I had essential hypoglycemia with no diabetes when I was 35. It was the forerunner to my diabetes that came later. Due to having such severe hypoglycemia for a long time, I was always pretty good at recognizing a low when it was beginning with only an occasional one of the kind that hit like a bomb without warning. Now it is mostly bombs and I’m at BG of 40’s and didn’t have a clue until I’m there. I then become very aware of the low so I’m not hypo unaware, I’m just hypo slow I guess. I do have much better control now where I was up or down and never good on MDI. From all these comments, I think it is the better control. Thanks to all my support here - I’m very glad to get the comments.

Thanks Dave - here are the key points the info gave:

  • A recent history of frequent low blood sugars
  • A rapid drop in blood sugar
  • Having diabetes for many years
  • Stress or depression
  • Situations where self-care is a low priority
  • Alcohol consumption in the last 12 hours
  • A previous low blood sugar in the last 24 to 48 hours
  • Use of certain medications like beta blockers

I see two right off. I have always had rapid drops, I take beta blockers and the doc has been increasing one of them due to BP highs.

This was really helpful. I appreciate the help from everyone.

I think it’s the tighter control.
I was told if you swing from say a 300 to a 100 bg, you’re more likely to feel it at a higher number, but if your swing if only from a 150 to 50, it’s a much smaller drop and your body doesn’t catch it as quickly.

I was told if this happens too much, to let my bg spike to a high and then bring it back down, it sort of “wakes” the body up.

I’ve noticed too my symptoms have changed with different levels.
I used to get this white blind spot in the center of my vision. Sometimes I still get it, which has always been my earliest warning.
I often get this feeling of “I’m feeling funny” or I just notice something is a bit “off”, But it seems before long the real whammy symptoms have taken over meaning I’m really low and had better treat and test quickly.