Not feeling my hypos anymore

I am a pumper and always felt my hypos big time until just as of lately. Especially if I am in bed, I don’t feel them unless I happen to get up. Then when I do it hits me really quick. If I am already up it I don’t tend to feel them unless they get in the low 60’s. This morning I felt nothing until I got up to get a drink and then when I raised up out of bed it hit me. I check my b/g and it was 43. I have no clue why it is doing that until I raise up. I use to have really high sugars until my pump. Now I have great b/g control so far. Just trying to figure out why all the sudden.

I’ve had hypo unawareness for over 10 years, that was the reason I started pumping. My educator says it happens when I’ve had too many lows. At times I don’t have lows and sometimes I do get the signals like I did many years ago. But getting a medical opinion would be best for you.

Some of your hypo unawareness may be due to your better control and the fact that you are spending more time at lower numbers. I suspect that it can creep up on you. You may think that keeping your blood sugar in the 70s is maintaining good control, but in fact your body is getting used to 70s, and you start to feel just fine. The next thing you know, you feel fine when you are in the 60s and you have had the dreaded “hypo unawareness creep.” You might want to tighten up your control to avoid any lows and I mean “any lows” As Mark suggested, a CGMS can really be useful. If you can go a couple weeks with a shade higher blood sugars and spending less time below 80, you may find that you can restore some of that good ole “hypoaware feelings.”

I had the big D for 40 years before I experienced hypo unawareness. But it also took 40 years before I learned how to have tighter control of my D. It was because of that problem that I was referred to a CDE and pump training.