Lows and sweating (POLL)

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, Id sweat (especially if I woke up low) when on animal insulins. The sweating response went away when I switched to Humulin insulins.

  • I have never sweated when low
  • I used to sweat when on animal insulins, when low, but not on recombinant DNA insulins
  • I sweat profusely when low

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Hi Dave!
I am sorry but didn’t answer as none fit. But I will say for me, it’s something I don’t really pick up on now. I has lost the ability to sense most lows. I do think I sweat because I get so darn cold afterwards but I am not picking up on it. Back when I was a child, sweating was one of the ways my parents could tell when I was asleep if I was low. And yes back than I was on beef than pork insulin. Not sure if the change in insulin is the reason but I was still on pork when I began losing the ability to sense the lows.

thanks for that detailed account, Sally. My sweating went away when I switched from Purified Pork, to Humulin. I was on Pork/Beef for a short while–until I figured out I was allergic to the Beef component and had to switch doctors–because my endo didn’t believe I was allergic–that BOZO!

I don’t sweat profusely when I go hypo but I definitely sweat. I find this built-in alert symptom comforting.

I didn’t answer because none of them fit me either. I will sweat a lot if I go low rapidly, like when I’m doing something and not paying attention to my body. Or if I’m sleeping and go low rapidly. I’ve never been one who can tell I’m going low while sleeping. It doesn’t matter what type of insulin I’m using. It happened while on beef, pork and now on humulin.

I sweat only sometimes when I go low at night. Never during the daytime. My first symptom of a low during waking hours is always a feeling of slowing down as though walking through knee deep water. I believe that the sweating is an adrenal response to a low. I don’t have it. Didn’t respond to the poll either.

ok, but not sure why the 3rd poll option was incorrect for you.

The only time I sweat now (on humalin) is if I go extremely low, like into the 30’s. That usually only happens at night, when I’m asleep (and it doesn’t happen often since I went on the pump.) So I wake up shivering and notice my nightgown is soaking wet.

Before, when I was on NPH and regular, I would start sweating at a much higher low (haha…contradictory term?) and it would be one of my signals of a low. That is, before I lost awareness on those insulins. Have more awareness now on humalog, but not until I get down to the low 60’s or high 50’s, and I don’t usually sweat at those numbers.


Yeah I sweat too. Sometimes profusely.

I selected “I used to sweat when on animal insulins…”. Started on Lilly R and NPH insulin in Canada in the 80s. Could those have been animal based ? I was always told that animal insulin was before my time. Also, I continued to sweat with a significant hypo when I started Lantus and probably novolog. I rarely sweat from hypos now. I thought it was simply related to hypo unawareness.

Ditto Terry. I usually sweat a little when I have a low below 70 but never profusely.

On animal insulins I would wake up with soaked bedsheets. Now, no matter how low I get (into the 30’s) I don’t sweat in the slightest.

I also sweat profusely when high…

Well, it looks like the “sweaters” have it. :slight_smile:

I would argue against the assumption that animal insulin caused the sweating. I think my normal, low carb, low carb life style have caused me to have no indicators of lows. I used to sweat, shake, get loopy. Haven’t done that for many years. Time as a T1 is my response.

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I beg to differ, T1Forever, as I remember the switch-over from animal insulins to Humulin. It was a definite change in physiologic response to lows. At least for me. IIRC, this has been discussed in diabetes literature.

What @T1Forever said ^^.

55 years of repeated nasty lows left me completely hypo-unaware. Been this way for over 20 years, and have given up hope of ever getting it back.

I am hypo unaware. I do not know why


Because if I go low gradually I don’t sweat. It’s only when it’s a rapid drop.