Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Block?

Has anyone had a lumbar sympathhetic nervice block by chance? I'm having one done next Tuesday as my neuropathy has been going through phases where it is like flare-ups. My neurologist wasn't helping me any so I got a referral to a pain clinic. We've tried other things including higher doses of gabapentin and other medicines. The gabapentin works to a point. I'm at 4800 mg per day. But some days it doesn't work at all and is the the point I'm in tears. Thanks in advance.

Is this for diabetic peripheral neuropathy [pain in both feet] ? ? ? ? ?

Robert Falcon

My family doctor prescribed Gabapentin [Neurontin] to take 600 mg. tablets, 2 tablets three times a day; that's 3600 mg. per day. My neurologist told me that the body can only process 1600 mg. of Gabapentin per day; that to take any more than 1600 mg. would be just wasting it because the body cannot tolerate and/or process more than 1600 mg. per day; so any more than that would be just filtering it through your liver and kidneys and being excreted by the body. So who you gonna believe? I am interested if the lumbar sympathetic nerve block is treatment for peripheral neuropathy. Thanks.

Robert Falcon

I've heard of people taking a lot more than that. I take 2700 mgs a day, and go to see him in just a little over an hour hoping for an increase

I cannot WAIT to get out from under this meanie head pain dr!

(sorry to derail your thread)

That’s ok. I know of people taking more than I take in a day. My doctor said some people just need more to work.

As for the nerve block being a treatment it is one used a lot especially painful neuropathy. I was generally looking for someone who has had it done. Im 28 yrs old and the pain brings me to tears some days. I have months where its tolerable but then days like these where i cry.

oh hun, I'm sorry you are hurting. I really am.

I don't know what it is (where) you are having the injection. I had injections two different times, in my spine. Not sure if it was the same type or area.

Mine didn't work. However, that doesn't mean yours won't.

don't give up. I know ALL about getting frustrated and tired of the pain, all too well. But, you and I, and all the people on this site that care about us, have to get up each day and carry on. Even on the especially crappy days.

however, you aren't alone. I'm new here, but already feel at home

I had one done, it did not help it made my pain worster.

What, exactly, is a lumbar sympathetic nerve block? Is it cortisone? My geriatric doc is not checking my feet at all. Not doing neuropathy checks (I've had it since I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1998), not checking thyroid. I don't think he has a clue about diabetes. His Physician's assistant, whose father was diabetic, has moved away. I'm thinking I made a huge mistake thinking he could handle my diabetes. What kind of doctor do you use for neuropathy? I'm 77 years old. Hate having to see so many doctors, but wonder if I should start looking for another endo.

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I am sorry, I have not been online in while. I hope your situation has be resolved over these time period. But, I deal with pain management doctors. I have varies if doctors for specialty, yes it can become very frustrating. But don’t never give up.