Saw doctor today

Saw my doc today and told him that the neuropathy in my feet and legs has gotten so bad that I can’t get to sleep at night. He started me on Neurontin 100mg 2X/day. He said that he would increase dosage gradually. Has anyone else taken Neurontin and does it help?

how is that working out for you? I was never on it for that reason. Did you know that neurotin is only fda approved as an anti seizure medicine and that it is overprescribed for many different conditions that it is not so be used with? Make sure it doesnt interact with any other medications!!! I was on it for awhile and it made me so dizzy i was sick to my stomach

I have been on Neurontin 300 mg 3X/day without any side effects for several months. My neuropathy is very severe in my feet. So far it has worked fairly well. I have not had any dizzy problems so far.

I am now up to 300mg 3x/day. Haven’t experienced any side effects so far. It has helped so much I can’t believe how much better I am. The pain level is at least tolerable now and I am able to get to sleep at night.