Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C and blood sugar readings

I have been taking 1000mg of , Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C , swigged down as a gel in water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach but I’m having trouble with a rise in my blood sugars about 2 hours after breakfast. I struggle to bring my readings down almost all day and then at night it will drop. I buy my libra supplies from an online medical supplier. I saw " supplements" as a category under diabetes and thought I’d try the lypo-spheric after reading the very good reviews ( they don’t sell any other supplements ). I feel much more energetic and have to admit I don’t eat oranges etc or take an over the counter vit C so I assume I’m lacking this. Has anyone else noticed a reaction to this, I’d hate to have to give this form of vit C up. BUT I don’t want to have to take extra insulin, my average is about 23 units daily.

Large doses of vitamin C can interfere with bg test strips, specifically giving falsely elevated bg numbers.

I recall the first bg test strips I used (Chemstrips back in the 80’s) had the Vitamin C interference specifically noted on the insert.

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I take 15,000mg of vitamin C a day and it doesn’t affect my BG at all, however when I was using the Libre system it would act like my BG spiked significantly after even a small dose. The Dexcom G6 which I currently use doesn’t have any issues with it. Did you do a manual check of your BG? If it isn’t a false reading from the Libre then what else is in the vitamin C gel you are using?

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Hi and thanks everyone for the advice. I’m not in a panic now and things seem to have settled. I feel the benefits of vit C were too great to ignore. FWIW the first change I noticed was increased energy…