Does a one a day vitamin have any effect on BS?

I was going to start giving a one a day vitamin was wondering if has any affect on BS , should I expect any changes for awhile until the body gets used to it ?
Is it ok to take the one a day with type 1?

The real answer to all of these types of questions is “Try it and see”. When you think of it there are some definite answers however like many things in life they come in degrees, which means YOU have to weigh the risk/reward factor for YOUR body. Follow the lead of your diabetes through your glucometer.

Most doctors are in favour of multiple vitamins for most people. This is because most of our food is junk, because it is (by our demand) made to taste great, and we are witnessing the way our bodies are reacting to fuel that is not healthy for our bodies. If you were to degrade the fuel for your lawn mower over time, you would see a performance change in a negative direction. Try it and see.

I have recently written that I love dieticians and nutritionists however, as well as they know food (and they do), unless they are diabetic they do not seem to be able to take into account the many other numerous variables that affect your blood sugar (psychology for example). I am not asking them to be a Psychiatrist, just to be sensitive to the power of food in our society.

I applaud thier efforts to show you EVERYTHING about food, but it seems to be too much too fast. I don’t care if I did not get enough protein one day as long as my sugars are reasonable. The focus is really on simple and complex carbohydrates in the right quantities at the right times. In my estimation, the food has the biggest effect on our sugars, so this is where my primary focus is.

In all fairness, when you plus or minus insulin and activity that ALSO has a big effect. The food however is an activity that is with us on a social and cultural level, and we are also exposed to it VERY OFTEN through the course of a day, in fact many more times than injecting or checking and high levels of activity. I would strongly advise getting your sugars where you want them before adding any other variables. Once again if the are really out of whack then as always, seek professional help.

Love Always
The Anonymous Diabetic.

P.S. I highly suggest Dr Richard K Bernsteins Book “Diabetes Solution”. This guy is a VERY SUCCESSFUL diabetic/Endocrinologist and he has this neat trick where to see if sugar is present in a food, he takes a test strip and mixes the food in question with saliva (you need the enzymes from saliva to break down the food) and watches the colour change, or not. Now THAT’S CLEVER!!!

The score is as follows: Tyler 1/Diabetes 0 Keep up the good work!!!

Hey Tyler I take one - even tho’ I eat a good diet that probably covers all bases - still - sometimes I don’t - so better for me to take one every day. I don’t find it effects my BG. Like Anon Diabetic says - “try it and see”.

I;m not a type one, but I do take a multi when able to do so, since for me after a time I start reacting to what ever it is I take, so I tend to take it following a day’s deal that I’ve tracted and gotten the info for on what I might be short on … or I meet 75% of the vitamins and minerals the day before then i do not worry about taking one if I don’t then I do.

I am not a nutritionist , however I would say , since Tyler is not an adult yet, other than a Vitamin D supplement and a healthy meal plan with a variety of foods he will do well .
I take Vit. D supplement and never noticed an influence on my BG numbers .I have osteoporosis , a side effect of type 1 and female and much older than Tyler ( ha, ha ) .This maybe so for men as well ?? I take a multi Vit. because I drink wine, which may have a negative effect on the nutrients I get from my variety of foods .I have diabetes for over 26 years and have been taking multi Vit.for at least 20 years…do not recall ever having noticed an effect on my numbers.

Hi Tyler. I have taken a one-a-day multi-vitamin for many years, and have never seen any effect on my blood sugar. My eating habits are not always the most nutritional, lacking mostly in fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. Without a basic regimen of multi-vitamins, my body could be in serious trouble at times, so I don’t fail to take that pill every morning. I feel that it covers for my potential negligence in eating correctly. Larry

Hey Tyler,

Shouldn’t have any impact.

The only way it would make an impact is this: if you have a very (VERY) significant vitamin deficiency, supplying that vitamin might allow your body processes to go in a more effective way; this could have a tangential effect on blood sugar.

I have been taking multivitamins for years, one a day mens for the last 2 years and have seen absolutely no difference in my numbers. Some nights I might forget to take it and my numbers don’t indicate any changes due to it.

As always though everyone reacts differently so as nearly everyone above me has said: try and see.

MV w/ minerals daily, healthy organic diet, fresh air and friends:) No goey gummy vits though!

Type 1 & haven’t seen any effect on BG from supplements, even the ones that allegedly help lower BG.

High doses of Vit C can effect readings (not BG) because there’s some interaction with the test strips that show false lower readings on meters.

Doses of B vitamins over 50 mg daily aren’t supposed to be good for diabetics.

Agree w/ excessive Vit C (over 100 mg/d)…most MVI’s contain minimal Vit C (50-60mg). What is the problem w/ B-vits?

I’ll have to check to be sure of the adverse effect, but I think Vit B supplements over 50 mg can cause nerve damage for diabetics. Some Type 2 oral meds can lead to B12 deficiency.

I can’t find the where I read about B vitamins should be in the 50 mg range, but it was an authoritative source. Will post when I locate it.

What I did find:
B6 over 200 mg raises BG & impairs nerve function (so does excess Vit C supplementation)
B3 (niacin) over 200 mg can raise BG
B1 over 200 mg can inactivate insulin.