Made The Switch

Blinging the PDM! :-)

I've been using the OmniPod for the past week and so far...


I know the system comes with risks, but the convenience I've had so far FARRR outweighs them I think.

For the first time in years...

I don't feel diabetic.

No tubes, no hassle. Just test, press a few buttons, and go.

I'm sure my opinion could change the longer I use it, but for now I absolutely love this thing. :-)

Gratz on a great week! I've been using Omnipods for about 3 months now, and really getting the hang of it. It's the only pump I've ever used, so I can't compare. But, I can't imagine enjoying the use of any other pump like this one.

Congrats I'm really happy for you, I'm waiting until the newer smaller version comes out later this year, but I will be with you in spirit at least until then.