Magnesium Chloride

I can say that all of the friends I know on the pill form are using the Alta health version. Calcium is what hardens the arteries. The good news is that magnesium counteracts that and SOFTENS the arteries. The other good news is that when both magnesium AND calcium are introduced, they go straight to the bones to fortify them.

In this case, the magnesium will prevent any damage from the binder. And don’t get me wrong. calcium is needed too, but too MUCH calcium is just as harmful as too little. Magnesium and calciium act as balancers to each other.

Kind of you to share all this info. My thyroid med is liothyronine, which is T3. I take it twice daily, every 12 hours. I was told not to take it with calcium & hours away from meals. Appreciate your help. Thanks!

I found this explaining the different forms of mineral supplements Lots of good info about what’s the most bioavailable form. ( This article explains that there is a need to watch BOTH hypoglycemic meds and insulin meds as the medicine you’re taking can lead to a need to increase either of them. ) There were also drug effects with estrogen, and a low cortisone problem in the body… along with some others I do not recall but you can click on the link to cover your bases. :slight_smile: (“Then I need to wait 3 hours after the T3 dose before I can take Magnesium supplements.”) This is a person you may be able to contact, although she does not have the diabetic problems. She takes magnesium daily. And she’s on the same medication you are on. (this article states that children … and I’d assume adults as well… should not have magnesium, calcium or aluminum within 4 hours.

Now I have to thank you. I understand NOW why they advise NOT to have magnesium within a certain time period of this medication. It takes time for the thyroid hormones to digest and magnesum can bind it (so can calcium or aluminum) and make it so you don’t digest it. Thereby, you excrete it and see no benefit. You CAN still take magnesium, just wait 4 hours AFTER you’ve taken your thyroid medicine. According to the data I’ve found that is. I found a few other sites saying the same thing. I typed in Liothyronine and Magnesium in my search engine, also tried Liothyronine contraindications, and liothyronine and other medications.

Hope I helped!

I forgot to stress, that because magnesium has an effect of balancing hormones to be SURE to watch the thyroid levels regularly. You MAY (not promising, but it’s a slight possibility) be able to reduce the amount of thyroid medicne you’re taking.

Wow - this is very interesting - I was very low in magnesium, RBC of 4.1 in February of this year, and started taking Magnesium asporatate, and taking Mg epsom salt baths at least twice a week. I have noticed a much better sleep after soaking in the bath at least 15 minutes. I would love to ask you more questions - I am off to a seminar this am, but I wanted to send this note to have it show up in my discussions - and will check later. Would really like to get your input on some personal recommendations. Will get back to this forum later. Thank you for your notes!!

be happy to help where I can. Please do remember I’m not a doctor or a medical professional. I just do a lot of research.