Magnet therapy may help neuropathy

A good friend of mine forwarded this video to me: Magnet therapy helps rebuild damaged nerve fibers.

She belongs to a group that offers many kinds of supplemental health products. They have been using magnet therapy for years to help treat all kinds of conditions. My friend found this organization out of desperation, much like I found alternative treatments. She was suffering from arthritis and found that using these products gave her significant relief from the disease. A recent xray has actually shown improvement in her affected joints by using magnet therapy along with some of their other all natural products. Any of you who know me, know that I’m not a big fan of modern, conventional medicine. It was not until I began a very serious campaign, involving copious research into alternatives and the utilization of natural foods and supplements, that I achieved remarkable improvement in my type two diabetes. The condition has actually reversed to where I’m able to function normally without meds… no thanks to big pharma, conventional medical practitioners, or even the major food providers. They don’t want you to know the truth… there’s no profit in it. Fortunately, the free market gives us choices.

Thanks for sharing, Craig. I also am open to more homeopathic and natural medical treatments. I am up at 5;30a.m. now, due to nerve pain in my spine and resultant neuropathic-like tinglings in my calves and feet ( nerve bulge that causes irritation,maybe some diabetic neuropathy , too, all in combination; and with uncertainty of the major cause ,says my neurologist) . It comes and goes, and I have gotten some releif from benfotiamine and physical therapy. I would be willing to try other health supplements, acupuncture, or even magnets to avoid these occasional sleepless mornings.

God Bless,

I too suffer from peripheral neuropathy that only occasionally responds to neurontin. A couple of years ago I was hospitalized for DKA and a subsequent heart attack. While there, I was hooked up to pneumatic sleeves that covered my lower legs - the purpose being to prevent blood clots. At the time my pain had been excruciating to the point that even bed sheets caused severe pain. Anyway, this devise would periodically inflate like a blood pressure cuff and then deflate. I was amazed at how they eradicated the pain. I was so impressed that I became obsessed with obtaining one of these devices. The problem was that insurance would not cover it, the cost was prohibitive, and all of the doctors at the hospital that I discussed it with were puzzled at how this unintended benefit worked. In fact, they’d never heard of such a thing. Fortunately, the level of pain has decreased, however I’m still interested in whether the cause and effect that I’d experienced has been studied formally.