Over the past month or so, I have had problems with my knees and legs. I sit all day at my job and the only time I can get away from my desk is when I have someone else stop what they are doing and come over to watch the phones. I was in horrible pain yesterday and went to the Dr. He told me I have Diabetic Neuropathy in my legs and feet. After leaving the office I burst into tears.

About six months ago I had to move to another city and find a new job…because of that I lost my health insurance and was not taking my meds or byetta shots like I should have been because of lack of money, well now I am paying the price of not taking care of myself. I tested my sugars this morning and it was 416, that is the highest that it has ever been. Needless to say, I immediately went and filled all my prescriptions. I am so upset because I really cannot afford to buy all that I need in order to be healthier. I know that STRESS plays a big part in health issues and it seems like I can not get ahead financially to buy my meds on a regular basis without being late on bills.

I know this is my first blog and I am whinning…I am sorry I am usually not like this. I am very frustrated over the cost of meds and the lack of money. I hope to hear from others that can give me some ideas on how to deal with the issues with my knees and legs. I need encouragement.

Margo. you are not whining, you are “venting”. that is what we do here and we also find the support we need in this horrific disease. I too have diabetic neuropathy. And I will tell you that at times it is not fun but again it is here that we find ways to deal with it and gain the support we need.

you might want to look into the TuDiabetes Group called

Hang in there, we are here.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I got on this site many months ago because my cousin invited me. I had forgotten about it until today. Now I be on here more often to find support. Thank you for your reply. Have a blessed day :slight_smile:

google “prescription assistance,” it will direct you to multiple websites where you may qualify for free meds, good luck

Thank you Lynn, I will try that. I am currently on Metformin and Byetta. Yesterday the doctor added Lyrica to the list. I will try the assistance website and see what I can do. Thanks

I do not have neuropathy yet but I try to get foot reflexology at least once a month, I enjoy it and justify the cost by saying its good for circulation

Their is a place calle DIABETIX here in San Antonio, I think I know they do that there. Great idea

Hey Margo…I have a friend who suffers with Neuropathy…it sounds painful. Is this a stupid question? Have you tried controling your blood sugar highs by cutting out or back on carbs, and exercising…maybe walking at lunch? The exercise wil help with your stress, as well. Apparently it is possible to reverse damage by gaining control. Maybe lower #'s would bring you some relief.
Good luck.

Hi Margo,

I’d have burst into tears also! So sorry.

Have you asked your doctor for free samples? They always have tons for the asking.

I’ve known several people who have reversed their neuropathies with tighter control & lower BG. Please don’t be too discouraged (easy for me to say, I know) because you might be able to reverse yours.

Great suggestion by Lynn about foot reflexology. Have the therapist show you what points to use so you can do this yourself. Better yet, get the signficant other or friend to do it for you!

Something you might try is alpha lipoic acid (ALA). It’s an amino acid & sold as a supplement. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap, of course. ALA works to help rebuild the sheath around nerves. It’s been used for neuropathies in Germany for years. There it’s sold by Rx. ALA can lower BG, so keep an eye on your numbers if you take it. Also, take ALA with food because some people experience stomach upset.

Margo, Many drug companies also have “patient assistance programs” that they don’t advertise for various reasons. I might look up the drug manufacturers and see whether you can get help from them directly. Also, some states offer health insurance for people who do not qualify for other insurance. Look up Cover Colorado. Would you be willing to move states?

Hi Margo,
I too suffer from neuropathy, the pain will last for about almost a month in a half with med therapy. At first it was a numbing feeling till the pain finally shot thru that i couldn’t stand it. I did new shoes, take some iburphorin and tylenol, a basically some walking to circulate. Eventually, the pain went away but still comes for a short while now. But they say to keep your bs under control will help. Good luck, Patti

Hi Margo
Sorry to hear of your struggles. Have you read any of John A. Senneff’s books? Numb toes and Other Woes is about alternative therapies, Numb Toes and Aching Soles is about traditional treatments and his third book is about neuropathy and nutrition. They are excellent information sources. Maybe your local library would have them or even buy them if you requested.

I am a certified pedorthist and a type 1.5 diabetic who is now insulin dependant. I work with neuropathy patients everyday. From a pedorthist’s perspective, we try to protect the feet and to cushion them with custom insoles. A thick cushioned sock can increase the cushion on the bottom of your feet up to 30%. If your shoes are too tight, it will increase the pressure and the pain. Good shoes can help protect you, but they will not take away the neuropathic pain. From what I have experienced with my patients, good bg control, drugs, and some of the electric stimulation techniques (MicroVas) are the best at truly effecting the pain. But it will take time for any of these things to start to help, so be patient. You have your meds and that is great! Are you going to try to talk to the drug companies and get financial assistance? Vent as much as you need to! It is overwhelming and frustrating to face the financial and the medical aspects of diabetes. I hope it all works out well for you.

Margo -

Here’s some information from the companies that make your drugs:


Byetta: or


Your state of Texas:

Don’t panic. Everything’s going to work out fine.

There was another thread that mentioned you might want to check out what she has to say about Benfotiamine. I read about it and thought of you. Hope you are OK.

Nicole & Jeanne, thank you for your help and information. I will check them all out.

Margo, I can sympathize. i don’t know if my leg and foot pain are neuropathy cuz I’ve been treated for a plantar fasciatis and have restless leg syndrome so its hard to tell them apart. We changed insurance last year and this one is bad. I pay so much out of pocket that sometimes i think twice before going to the Dr or refilling RX. Plus my husbands company was doing poorly and cut salaries by 25-50% to “save jobs” so I try to beg the Dr for samples and do whatever I have to to get by. I know it is very frustrating. I wish you luck.