Make "corrections" when going high with type 2 diabetes?

Are there any type 2’s that make “corrections” with humalog when they either dont feel good and fighting a cold with high BS or have made poor food choices and the meter shows that u are high?
My Dr. has never said anything about doing this, and I am sure he just wants me to control my diet better rather than making corrections, although he did mention about injecting more insulin if you knew there was going to be a point where there would be indulgence, but he mentioned to me in passing “with more about that later”… Well it has been over a year now… My a1c’s have been pretty good but am wondering if making corrections would make them even better…

Yes, I do quite often. I dose based on what I eat and if I mess up and under dose I correct it later on. It’s a little tricky for me because I’m very insulin sensitive (1 unit of humalog for 15 to 30g of carb depending on the time of day) so I have to be very high (for me) to correct but if you have a lower insulin to carb ratio and work with your doctor you should be able to kind of mimic what your pancreas should do.

Thanks, Duncan; you just confirmed something I was wondering about. I too am insulin sensitive (Type 1.5) and when I did the formula in Using Insulin for correction bolus’ it came out that 1 unit lowers me about 112 points, so I figured I’d have to be as high as 212 before correction would be safe. You confirmed my thinking.