Managing type 2 diabes and pregnancy?

I am about 28 weeks pregnant and my sugar levels have been a little out of control. They will be putting my on insulin at my next appointment most likely but I was wondering if there is other ways to manage my sugar levels on my own. Like what are some good things to eat? How many times a day should I eat since the baby makes me more hungry? Also I was wondering things about giving birth because I've heard that diabetics have big babies. I was wondering if they might try to induce labor early and how that would work or if they have to do a c-section. I am pretty clueless and I want opinions from people that have been threw this stuff already. Please and thank you!

is a great group for those questions related to pregnancy.


I'm type 1, and my son was 7lbs, 13oz. Not a HUGE baby, just a nice healthy weight. I did have a c-section but that was due to other issues besides my diabetes that if it hadn't occurred, my doctor was like there's no reason not to let you try to deliver vaginally. As far as weather you will be induced, I don't think anyone can say for certain, a lot of pregnancies go wonderfully for women diabetic and non-diabetic and something comes up in the last few weeks and it changes things where induction or c-section is necessary. The best way to have a healthy sized baby is to keep your blood glucose levels under tight control. But that is a goal you should be striving for anyway. As far as eating, the baby will take everything it needs from you, so especially being on insulin you may find you need to eat more frequently, and definately test a LOT. Eat when you are hungry, watch the carbs, I'd personally say moderate carbs if possible because you have a baby who is needing the nutrion as well.