Hi new here


im a T2diabetic and just found out im 5 weeks pregnant. (1st time) my age is 27 i was diagnosed in 2005 i also joined a group on here for this topic but no one seems to reply i hope someone will on this one :) anyways.. any ladies have tips? meal plans(im on one a friend gave me until my ap with doc) what are questions i should have handy to ask doctors?

Welcome. Sometimes the groups are not as active as the discussion forums. I think with patientce, you will find that there are lots of people here with experience that can be helpful.

I think in the end, most will tell you that it will be important to closely control your blood sugars during pregnancy. Many people find a low carb diet helps.

Read up on all the postings in the group you joined, feel free to ask questions, and welcome.

ps. Don't forget to set your caps lock free, some people think that all caps is like on-line shouting.


Welcome Giselle. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I wonder if the members of the "Oh Baby" group get too busy to come online once they have given birth? I'm an older T2 and not on insulin... I've never been pregnant either. :)The only advice I can give is to say to continue to post in the general forum. There are many on insulin here who have had successful pregnancies and can probably give you fabulous advice.

Hi! Congrats on the pregnancy. I was gestational with both my kids although not T2 until almost 10 years later.

One thing I remember was that you need to have very tight control, possibly more than you have had to have. High blood sugar can be very damaging on your baby. My first pregnancy I did everything they told me and they thought I was in good control. 4 years later with number 2 they had changed a lot of things. They told me I should have been on insulin with #1 and put me on it with #2.

You want to make sure your ob sends you to a diabetic clinic that specializes in pregnancies too. I remember I had educators and nurses who worked specifically with pregnant women since considerations for the baby make things a little stricter.

Don't let this scare you. I had 2 very healthy girls who are now adults.

aw thanks allot and yes i will tell my ob

It's really important you have a tight control, low a1c and no spikes after meals.
That's why even if you are T2 you should use insulin.
It's important to start as soon as you can, you have many things to learn about insulin, you need many test strips or if they give you a CGM is good.
Happy for your baby.

thanks my insurance never covers allot of test strips or the needles i usually have to pay :(

Try to ask: now that you are pregnant perhaps things are different, your doctor could write you need them (but I'm italian, don't know directly your health care system).

Hi Giselle, congrats on your pregnancy! I was diagnosed first as Gestational while I was pregnant (25 years ago at the age of 27 also) then as Type 2 after pregnancy then Type 1. My endo thinks I was misdiagnosed because I was still going through the honeymoon phase.

Everyone is right about the need to have super tight control when pregnant. My ob-gyn put me on insulin in the second trimester and I was also on a controlled diet although I have since learned that it is much easier to have good control if you eat lower carb. I also saw a specialist called a perinatologist (specializes in high risk pregnancies) once each month (in addition to regular ob visits).

This may have changed since then but the last six weeks of my pregnancy I had to go to the hospital once a week to hook up to a fetal monitor for print-outs so they could make sure the baby was not in distress. They also did extra ultrasounds to check the baby's measurements to determine the size of the baby. (remember this was 25 years ago so things may not be quite the same now). Basically they just kept a really close eye on my progress and I had a beautiful healthy baby girl.

I also agree that you should ask your doctor to write for permission to have enough test strips to test frequently during your pregnancy. I know how expensive those test strips are but the doc should be able to help you. Maybe your doc also has samples he could give you to use for free.

Keep us posted and let us know how you're doing along the way. I'm sure others will chime in as you have more questions.