Fundraising update

I thought it’d be fun to share with everyone how are we doing with the fundraising. Today, we’ve raised $870. I just updated the “thermometer” on the fundraising page:

I gotta update the Community Supporters page now. Thanks to everyone for your support!!

Fantastic! Congratulations!

That’s a Nice jump. Good Show!! :slight_smile:

Thats good news Manny! Have the organization ever considered “Paypal” as another donation option? Just a thought :slight_smile:

The thing is Community Initiatives (our Fiscal Sponsor) only works with Google Checkout. If we offer a PayPal option (while we CAN do it), it will not make donations tax-deductible (that is the benefit that donors get as a result of us having a fiscal sponsor).

Here’s how I calculated my donation: $___ for every tenth of a point my A1C has dropped since I discovered tudiabetes. Thanks, all!

Thanks so much, Kelly!

By 5 pm today we had raised nearly $1,000 ($970):

We passed $1,100 today. We’ve created the Community Supporters page as the first step to thank all of you who have supported the foundation with your donations.

Since the last update I put in here, several good things have happened:

  • We’ve passed $3,000 in donations!
  • The fundraising campaign has been blogged about and highlighted by folks in the nonprofit space as well as by some of our members in their respective personal blogs.

So, moving into next week (the last week of our fundraising campaign), we are going to add a twist to try to appeal to those of you who may still be in the fence about making a tax-deductible contribution:

Starting Monday, Sep. 21 and until the end of Sunday, Sep. 27, every day we’ll randomly select a donor among all the folks that donate up to (but not including) $100 and, besides the thank you gifts that apply to the donor, we wil give that person a TuDiabetes t-shirt.

(we are not including donors that give $100 or more in this, because they already get a t-shirt as part of the thank you gifts.)

We hope you will consider supporting the programs run by the Diabetes Hands Foundation at any level you can afford.

Still like some help Manny with providing the " banner " on my page …will you or someone else please do this for me …I just don’t get the instructions you provided .Thank You , N.

Wait until you see the new “Collectible Diabetes Awareness Cards” you get with your donation. They really are suitable for framing. Andreina really did some lovely artwork on these new cards.

Thanks, Marie! I have to agree that she really overdid herself. I love the way they came out. We have received the cards and the tote bags so far.

Hope you like the last video of our campaign. It features our dear Judith:

We’re now at just over $3,600 and we have until Sunday at midnight to go. Remember:

Until the end of Sunday, Sep. 27, every day we’ll randomly select a donor among all the folks that donate up to (but not including) $100 and, besides the thank you gifts that apply to the donor, we will give that person a TuDiabetes t-shirt.

There has already been one winner (yesterday’s):

  • Kelly, from Calgary (Alberta)

we are almost on $4000 dollas!

So far, we have raised a little over $4,200, as a result of nearly 80 donations. Thank you so much for all your support and your generous contributions.

Remember Sunday is the last day (at the end of the day) of the fundraising campaign. If you haven’t made a donation yet, you still have time:

As for the t-shirts, this week, I have been notifying those that have been randomly selected, but so that everyone knows, here’s who has won the TuDiabetes t-shirt so far this week:
Monday: there were no qualified entries. All donations were at the RED level.
Tuesday: Kelly -
Wednesday: Mike Shaw -
Thursday: StaceyM -

We will announce Friday’s tomorrow, Saturday’s will be announced Sunday and Sunday’s will be announced Monday.

Since we had no winners on Monday, we will draw an extra t-shirt on Sunday among all donors who have contributed under $100 since Monday.

Final numbers for the campaign:
85 donors gave a total of $4,404. Thank you SO MUCH to all those who donated and/or helped throughout the campaign and throughout every day to make the community and all our programs possible.

The remaining winners of the t-shirts were:
Friday: Cassie Kile -
Saturday: Jovanni de Jesus (from the Philippines) -
Sunday (first one): jaxmeier -
Sunday (second one, drawn from all donors up to $100 since Monday): Jenny -

Last, we would love to ask everyone for their thoughts about the campaign. We’ve started a new discussion for this purpose:

Thanks so much, everyone!