Manny's Birthday? For Real?!

Per the side bar menu today is Manny’s Birthday!!

Please send him all your well wishes. I don't need to say how much we all appreciate what he is doing for the Diabetic Community..

I hope you have a good Birthday!!!

Very observant you are :wink: …thanks Christalyn …my best wishes to him next !

Happy Birthday, Manny!

I was just looking at the Birthday and my eyes popped open.
I was surprised nobody caught this before me!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANNY!!! (another for just for you)

Happy Birthday Manny!!!

Happy Happy Bday. Treat yourself! Make some memories!..& you must be feelin’ the love from the TuDiabetes Community

Happy happy to Manny! Thanks!

I emailed him too but thought it would be cool start a discussion!!!

I always like to do things in a big way

Happy Birthday, Manny!!!

Happy Birthday [insert name here] Your a very special [guy/girl] I hope this day is everything [you/I/we] had hoped for. Have a [good/bad/mediocre] day!!!

(Please fill in blanks until it works for your situation, and I do also hope you get that I am joking with you!)

He have a wish on Facebook:

Happy Birthday, Manny! Hope you’re enjoying your day!!!


Happy Birthday!!!

May all your wishes come true… :slight_smile:

Ron :slight_smile:

Happy happy birthday!!!

Manny …another one since last year …whoopie …the more the merrier

Manny thanks for all you do. Hope you treat yourself to something special just for you!

Happy Birthday Manny!

I took the day “off”… it’s been a beautiful day, full of warm wishes and love! Thanks a lot for all the kind words. :slight_smile:

Big hug!