Marathon training

So it’s official…I’ve started training for my first full marathon. I’ve run lots of halfs, they’re getting BORING! I’m meeting with my Endocrinalogist tomorrow to see what he thinks. I’m actually a little scared…of my Dr, NOT the marathon, who knows what he’s going to think. I have been spilling a lot of protein in my urine consistantly in the last 9 months so it’s important to make sure my kidneys don’t hate me like my stupid pancrease does. I’ve been feeling really amazing lately, I just started using a Dexcom CGM…it’s so super fantastical! So I will be ready to hear some advice on dealing/coping with highs and lows in trainings and race day advice.

Peace and Love,

My doc was fine with it. I agree the CGM is a big help! I was in a similar boat, had 12-13 year old going "why don't you run a full marathon" after I'd run 2x 1/2s in 2 weeks in 2009. I ran Chicago last October and here's a shot of my CGM line including the race

I was pleased that BG was not a problem although horrible cramps were. I wrote a lot of stuff about the ups and downs and stuff getting pulled out of my abdomen in the "Diabetics Who Run Marathons" thread if you want to read back. It's probably sort of like a "blog" but there's other people kibbitzing and I liked participating in that group while I was training. I'm wanting to do it again this year to run more smoothly.

My last triathlon ended in a epic fail…finished it fine but felt terrible, BS was in the 400s. I’m thinking that running at a consistent chill pace is going to be my best option. I found when I workout and do a bunch of sprints, and really mess with my speed I have issues. It seems to raise and drop my sugar a lot. It’s weird you mentioned cramps, I’ve been getting a bad cramp in my side in the same spot lately on my long runs. That’s never happened to me before. I’ll check out the diabetics who run and see what they have to say. Thanks man

Best of luck Justina!

I will be a great accomplishment if you achieve it!! and you should feel very proud!


Cool! check the diabetic marathon group here and they are pretty cool groups! what training plan will you be following?

I don’t have an exact training routine yet, tho I’m kinda looking for one. I’ve been teaching so much lately…I’m a power yoga instructor… I’m lucky to get anymore then 5 miles in. I try to get at least one long run in a week. I had my Dr. apt on Monday, and my Dr. was all for me training and seeing how my body does with 4 hours (I’m hoping for under 4 tho) of running. I will really have to tweek my insulin and carb intake. He also switched one of my insulins and I think it’s working great. I’ve been having some scary lows in the middle of the night. My marathon’s not until May so I have a lot of time to get ready. i’m so open to any and all suggestions anyone has! I’m still spilling protein tho and have been for a while, hopefully that stops or he said I’ll need a kidney biopsy. Lame!