Marathon training

Hi everyone. I am training for my first marathon. I have always stuck to 5 & 10k's which are fun but my best friend wanted to check off a marathon on her bucket list and talked me into it. We are now doing the Rock & Roll in Denver on Oct 19. So far, it has been going well. I usually take off my pump and give myself a couple units of Lantus to help throughout. I have now been running longer distances such as 18 & 19 miles and my blood sugar is starting to rise along with it. Does anyone have any tips? Since this is my first marathon, I am muddling my way through. I have had problems with the CGM sticking to my skin but am going to try it again this week and see what happens. Also, anyone know of any running groups in Denver? I have read some of the blog entries and you all are my hero's. Super excited to learn from you all!!

Hi Michael. I did run it. It was difficult because I had a broken tailbone. Make sure you fuel yourself throughout because you do not want to get any GI problems after. I did a bunch of squats and lunges and cardio through out for a different workout on my body. Listen to your body. If you are tired, rest. Good shoes!!!! If you miss a run during the week, don't stress over it. Do the best you can. I had to get a belt so I could carry all my supplies. I had the blocks, gu(which I hate), raisins, dates, and carried juice mixed with water. I had my CGM(which did not stick well) and had to cut back basal rates on my pump. I got a lot of lows at first. My doctor helped me with getting my settings right. I am training for a half now too. You can do it. Which one are you doing? What have you been finding out with your running?