Training for my next 1/2 marathon as a walker and some running

I have officially started with my training . The marathon date is October 11 and it will take place in our beautiful capital city of our province British Columbia , Victoria . The 18 week schedule is on the kitchen counter, so I wil be reminded daily and do some planning with my pump and insulin delivery accordingly .
Today a 7 k hike ; put my pump on temp. basal for 1 1/2 hour , my sensor readings telling me numbers staying stable . Did a finger poke , when I came home …result good : 5.8 ( x 18 ) …one hour later sensor shows 2 arrows up , finger poke 8.5 ( x 18 ) and delivered a correction bolus …the joys and fustrations of exercising .
The Victoria 1/2 will be my 4 th half , have done 1 full M and almost completed another full …got as far as 22 miles at my favourite place : Disney World , Florida and have done several shorter distances as an insulin pumper .
Canadian Olympic rower Chris Jarvis , type 1 and I will be part of the Team Diabetes team .What a wonderful thought, that he just may " carry " me across the finish line …not literally ofcourse .
Anyone else who likes to join or learn more about Team Diabetes , please visit or contact See you at the finish line !!

good luck! I was going to start training for the PF Changs Rock N Roll marathon in Phoenix in January this week but I tore some stuff in my knee last week at diabetes camp playing soccer and now I can’t =(.

Hope it goes well!

Thanks Brooke for your wishes. And too bad , that you have a set back , with hurting your knee . Wise to have that healed well before you will do any real pounding on asphalt . Do you volunteer at Diabetes camp ??
Hubby and I were in Phoenix last year and went to a basketball game with our Victoria, Canada Steve Nash …I kept waving the Canadian flag, however he did not notice …regardless …we have good memories .

well, we get paid but not much. So yes, volunteer. This was my 6th summer working there. I went there as a camper too when I was a kid.

oh, yeah Steve Nash. He is cool, i’ve met him before =) haha.

All I can say about you is that you are awesome!

Thank you Robyn, I hope to do well in my training ; am not here to go faster than in the Disney World half …it keeps me motivated to put one step in front of the other ( and out of having to do chores I am not crazy about , ha, ha ??)

Good luck with your training! I’m working on running a half marathon that’s January 10th. I"m having some issues keeping my BG in a decent range, some days I go ridiculously high after a run, and the next day I drop nice and low. It’s a frustrating process learning how my body is going to work with diabetes (I’ve only been diagnosed for 7 weeks) But I’d love to keep hearing updates on how it goes for you. How much of it are you going to run vs. walk?

I"ve done a few short distance runs, 5ks, but this is my first half marathon but i feel so cool saying that I"m training for a half marathon!!

Hi Nel:

Great Luck on your training…and please don’t hurt anything. :wink: If you need motivation, I’m sure Gord and Penny would be Happy to chase you. :smiley: Hopefully you are able to keep your sugars in and near the Good range.

Hi Mattie P.,

I started out a bit higher and only had to do 4 k ; my new sensor needed calibrating while I was on the road , sat down in the grass , finger poked and was happy to get up easily …I stll had to go well over 1 K , ate 1 glucose Dex 4 and decided to put my basal on my " hot " day schedule …it was getting warm .Usually for a short stint , well under 1 hour I do not put my pump on temp. basal …sensor shows a flat line at about 4.8 ( x18 ) . I met a fellow , type 1 on multiple injections , in Disney World Jan . 2009 , who managed to do the Goofy challenge …this equals to 1/2 M on Sat. and a full M on Sunday …I was so impressed …I think he was also recently diagnosed , most likely in the honeymoon period , but did mention ,he may contemplate pump therapy .
Yes, it is cool to be able to say , that you will be a marathoner !! WOWY …and then you are hooked :wink: There are different discussions available about exercise on TU , so I suggest for you to visit them .Exercise can lower BG up to 24 -30 hours. I managed to do the half in Disney in 3 hours , 11 min. , for me my fastest time …Disney is strict…: you have to keep the pace , if you don’t keep the pace you will be taken off the course .Another Magical Moment , ha, ha . Be well .

Dear Terrie,

Your well wishes are very much appreciated . For today: Gord in the dentist chair, while I am sweating ( or is it nicer to say " glowing " ?) it out …dear 86 pound Rottie Penny on the carpet in the living room , life is GOOD

Today an excellent training day …7 k ( or was it a bit less ??) . I started out , after breakfast and doggie walk at 10 am …home at 11 . Set temp basal at 8.30 hours at 50 percent for 3 hours, cancelled at 10.55 hours , Sensor showed 9 ( x18 ) …ate 2 glucose pills during the last 25 minutes. Finger poke at 11.00 hours 4.1 ( x 18 ) , sensor 5.0 ( x18) arrow down …dropped a bit and now at ( 11.35 hours ) 4.9 ( x18 ) …so far I am a happy " camper " …

I have week 5 behind me …today 9 k …I started out a bit late …it got as hot as H… right here in paradise , ha, ha …bg numbers relatively well , however my first part of about 5 k a bit of a challenge, even with using temp basal …3 Dex4 pills solved it for me and a handful of raisins …this hot weather really likes to bring my BG down…sensor numbers close to finger poke numbers …all in all , feel good and am glowing ( sweating !!)

July 30 , 2009 …a bit behind in training because of several reasons in no particular order
1 ) had a most interesting birthday bash , July 25 : a fund raiser for the Canadian Diabetes Association , Diabetes Summer Surge ; please visit my post .
2 ) too blimming hot here …35 C and I am too lazy to get up by 6 am
3 ) smoke evidence in the air …too many fires in the area
4 ) just learned, that I have bursitis in my right hip …am not fretten , cause there is NO pain ; will see the GP soon for X-Ray result. I googled hip bursitis and it states , that athletes usually suffer from that …I chuckled about reading the word " athlete " ; never considered myself one : yes a fund raiser for the CDA , no to athlete .

10 more weeks of training : Sunday Aug. 2…had highs since last night …the only good things about that : did not have to temp. basal it at least one hour before I took off…did not have a low either while doing the 12 k ( found a empty beer can though …good for my fund raising addition :wink: ) …did all the stuff a person with " unusual HI and pumping " may do , except starting a NEW bottle of insulin and chuck " old " one : looks like I should have done sooner : sensor is showing some improvement in numbers …still a heat wave here …need to use FRIO pack for insulin !!..never too old to learn ???

Have not kept up to date too well here…and now it is only 2 days , 22 hours away …it looks like it will be a very useable day in Victoria .Received an e-mail yesterday from the daughter of a friend ( lives almost 600 k from my home ) : she and her child were getting the runners packages together ( fund raiser for her daughter’s graduation class ) and came upon my name …this blows me away and good to know I am registered :wink: .10,000 runners and walkers !
Training was not the best this time …I will hear myself say often : I CAN . My bib number is 9452 …lucky number ?? Hubby is part of the Cheering Team …he will do well .

Hi Nel! I was out there cheering at the RVM today, and I “think” I saw you! Congratulations on a great achievement. You are an inspiration!

It was more like 12,000 runners and walkers and what a beautiful sunny day in our capital with lots of Cheerers, including Nadine ,and a gal I met at a wedding , Yves , the cyclist , who did Halifax to Victoria this summer and wife Lee . Call it " socializing " I put my pump on temp basal @ 45 percent @ 6 am ish for a 7.30 start .Pretty stable sensor readings , till they went lower and at least 6 Dex pills consumed , besides little pieces of Glucerna bar at intervals of 25 minutes and lowered the temp to 25 percent approx 1 hour prior to finishing . My time did not hit the papers as a new record, however I crossed smiling and upright . What more to wish for ? I had been coached by Chris Jarvis , Can. Olympic Rower besides marathoner and MM pumper at our Sat nifght pre- race dinner to 1 ) discontinue temp basal at the finish line 2 ) give a small bolus , I did .2 u ( experiment !) , to avoid Highs after exercise …sensor stayed flat at about 4.7( x 18 ) for hours on . Maybe I erred in over bolussing for my Lunch …I stayed flat till about 9 pm …that’s where I became concerned, since I did not want to hit the sack with a number 5.5 ( x18 ) fingerpoke . And ate a whole banana , no bolus and did another temp basal ( lower than 100 percent and I cannot recall the exact percentage ) and fell asleep .BIG mistake when sensor warned me of a 10 ( x 18 ) fingerpoke around 12 ( x18 ) …not a happy camper . basicly I was very happy to receive Chris’s suggestion and I will do it again one day , with the exception of eating a whole banana and falling asleep .I was very grateful to being able to walk with a gal( Team D. , type 1 ) from Calgary , who kept an eye out for me …time flew by …3 hours, 21 min and 47 seconds later . Chris did the full M in less time, I did the half …that tells you something :slight_smile: . A great experience …great camaradery ( sp?) and we raised $ 45,000.00 towards the cure, services, , including Kids and Family Camp and advocacy …HURAH

At the 10 K mark and I was smiling so much for this photo op by my Hubby , that I did not even hear the motor bike approaching making room for a wheelchair athlete.My partner Team D person had already move to the left on the road.