March Madness

Just for the fun of it, how are everybody’s teams doing? Are we going to lose a bunch of you to the TV tonight? Go Terps…oops, too late. Go Heels…Oh, never mind.

HEELS ! :slight_smile:
I went to school there :slight_smile:

Have no idea what you talking about, baseball ?

We are MD fans, but lived in Greensboro for 7 years so I caught a bit of the fever. Neither one represented too well this tourney.

College basketball national championships…happens every march.

My team made it to elite eight. GO Mizzou

Yeah! Go MU! Big 12 is doing really well this year. I was raised a Kansas fan in Missouri. I’m sure anyone from the area knows how much trouble that caused…

yea I know I sound like a true MU fan.

Well, you might get your wish. KU’s not doing well. Worries.

If it comes down to only one Big 12 team and it is KU then I will cheer them on. LOL

My team is in UCONN

I take that back…Carolina is doing great!

I’m surprised MU is doing so well! My Husband is an MU fan. I’m an OU fan but I will cheer for anyone from the BIG 12!!! I’m even a little partial to KU.

Congrats! Final 4!

Cynthia…we must be the only ACC fans!