Senior Bowl and my new bfs!

Well, I had a blast at Senior Bowl! I started with a practice on Wednesday and Kimberly(my sister) and I walked in with the Some of the Saints( who dat) Coaches. We did not even think about taking pics with them. We watched the south practice and got some good pics. We lined up so we could get autographs when they went to the bus. We was very disappointed the the players, About 10 players pasted us. They took a short-cut to the bus. I got a few autographs but I wanted the Bama boys! Friday was the Senior Bowl Experience! We got there at 7:30 am and it did not begin until 3:30. Yes we are a little crazy but we had a blast meeting and talking to people. We stayed for the first session and then went and saw AJ McCarron and Kenny Bell at the Mall. I know it was crazy leaving something free and go pay for someone to sign. But the money went to a little girl that has cancer.

I told my family that I have two bfs! Dom the Dexcom! He monitor my sugar 24/7 and he alerts me if I am high or low. He also shows me a 24 hr, 12 hr, 6 hr, 3hr, and 1 hr graphs. Then there is Rod my OmniPod. He keeps me alive with my basal rate on insulin that goes in my body. He keeps me from taking shots and alerts me if my pod is low on insulin or something wrong. I know I have to be funny sometimes to deal with my diabetes!