Marketing My Book, I Need Help

45 copies of my book have been sold and three nice reviews have been written on my amazon page.

Here is the link to the page:

I am going to get a discussion started on the college campus where I used to teach. I will try to get an interview started on a radio station in my city (Kingston, NY) and I want to have the book placed in local libraries. I will approach the local Barnes and Noble bookstore soon.

I am trying to find other markets for the book either online, or elsewhere. Does anyone have any ideas?

Richard, I am speaking from general knowledge only–nothing expert. I think the radio interview is a good idea. Getting to the public is always the goal. Unfortunately, you don’t have a publishing company to market for you. However, another approach may be to sketch out an article to send to a few diabetes magazines. One at a time, of course! Forecast is not the only one! A quick search found Diabetes Monitor, Diabetes Self Management, Diabetes Health and a couple others. Something like “Ten Things I Learned about Living with Diabetes for 64 Years.” That is kind of a long title but you get the idea. Oh, the reason for the article is that they will have to identify you as “author of …” !! And some will buy it!
Also, you will sell at least one more book. Even though I read it on the discussion group, I find it interesting enough to buy - after Easter doings. One of my brothers was diagnosed at the age of 4 in, I think, 1936 or 37. My family was on a rural farm and off the beaten path. He was lucky to be sent to a Memphis hospital to get started on insulin. He did not survive past the age of 38 though. I only mention this because I think your story of home life brings back a lot of memories to those of us in the older age brackets! And should be of interest to those who only know computers and iPods.

Get on the radio. Get on as many shows as you can. Send your book to radio hosts. Show up at health fairs, rent a table among the other vendors and sell your book. Offer to do a reading at Barnes & Noble and smaller bookstores. Talk to your local television stations about your book and your story. Offer it as a story about self-publishing rather than diabetes then change the subject if you get on the air.


Thaks so much friends, I appreciate those suggestions!!

How about digitally publishing it? Like E Books?
Star a blog or podcast other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Look for media outlets that are doing similar activities.