Martial arts with the pump?

Hi all,

I just got my Minimed Paradigm pump today and I’ll be learning to use it while on my summer break from school, but in the fall semester, I am taking a Jujutsu class. I’m a little concerned about it with the use of my pump, especially if it involves being thrown to the ground or grappled. The class is about an hour and a half long per session, and I wanted to see if anyone else had experience with doing martial arts with the pump. Is it okay to disconnect it for that long if I’m doing physical activity? I plan on asking about it in training as well, but I was curious to see if anyone here had any personal insights.

I do Brazilian Jiujitsu which is pretty much wrestling. Honestly, with that much physical contact, I didn’t find any way to safely wear either a pump or my Dexcom. I use the Omnipod, so just disconnecting is not possible. I would say give it a try. You might have better luck. Otherwise, if you can disconnect, that might be the best option.

here’s a discussion on Martial Arts, feel free to add to it

I do Taekwondo,orange belt. I’m not on the pump yet,but since it’s a full contact sport,I’m sure you’d have to .Specially during sparring ,if you have to,you can connect during the middle of the class,bolus and disconnect .

I’m sure your instructor would recommend disconnecting,mine tells us to take off jewelry and socks and everything,noway she’d let me stay hooked to pump!.

I did TKD too, for about 6 years until two years ago. We didn’t do a ton of sparring but, as I got more advanced, the “mastery classes” we’d touch on some moves from Hapkido, similar to Judo, that did involve throwing and falls. By that time I was pumping but it worked pretty well. Unfortunately, I have been lazy about xferring pics and I don’t think I have a good one but the one on my page here shows it in action. I would just put it between the looped belts and the tube would run through the slit in the front of the jacket of the dobok. The knot sort of protected it. I wiped out a few times and probably fell on it but didn’t even notice.