Mash potatoes bangers and gravy

Have to find another place to inject my insulin have a couple of places where there is a lump mind you the number of times a day I have to inject it is a wonder I do not leak like a sieve when I inject myself,my first injection I remember as if it were yesterday I was recovering from a heart attack and the doctor recommend I go onto insulin along came the nurse a real cracker is that being sexiest she explained the procedure and injected me see that didn’t hurt me being a man gritted my teeth and said noooooooooo,the next time she let me inject myself to be honest the sight of needles usually results in me falling to the ground in one big heap but grin and bear it I did and after the 5000 injection I feel confident in doing it myself.

It was just the thought the fear that made me faint at he very sight of a needle mind you I always look away when I have to go for blood tests for all I know the nurse could be sucking the blood out of me with her teeth and I would never know,fear shock unbelief when you are told you are diabetic a heart failure patient have gout prostrate problems can soon get you down but life is good as well as bad you have to learn from nature do what you can leave what you cannot do,then you slowly realize life can be Worth living even with these problems,I have to admit it is the anti depression pills that are talking here because before I started on them my life was a real wreck and I made loved ones lives unbearable at times trying to come to terms with your condition is a long journey for some of us I am of the clan of worry yourself sick or as we are better know hypochondriac if I heard about it I had to have it,but the pills sorted that out for me to begin with poetry came out of my head so fast I could not keep up Religion came upon me in a blinding flash the thought that I could be as active as I use to be caused me endless hours of breathlessness but all that has died down now and I seem to be on a more even keel he says with fingers and toes crossed,this blog is about a lot of things for a lot of things cross my brow when sitting down and typing the secret to life I have learned is that there is not secret,it is an illusion to think we can stroll through life living the way we do and there not be consequences,time for breakfast insulin and a good wish chaser