My First Blog


I was diagnosed with Type 1, two and a half weeks ago. I’m just getting used to the idea of having injections every day and hypos (not every day thank god!). It’s a whole new world of responsibility. I have to cook dinner all the time and eat right, something i’m not used to! At least I’m putting back on the weight i lost. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m from Australia and hope I can meet other people from here and all over the place! So add me or say hi, have a good one, Linda.

hey there, i see you’ve been introduced to the magic insulin vial and needle. oh boy i was sooo completely freaked out the very first time i injected myself. i was warded then and the nurse literally had to push my hand to make the needle pierce my flesh. and now, i always double check to see if i’ve drawn the right amount of insulin because i’ve nearly overdosed myself before! anyway you’ll see that insulin will become part of your routine and it’s something you will always remember! take care!

Welcome, Injections are hard to get used to, I’m still working on it. I did feel better when my CDE told me two days before I saw her that she saw a man who came back from Iraq after diagnosis. She said he was about 6’5" and a 300lb muscular guy in fatiques who passed out before he could give himself the shot. Apparently guns and war were a little less scary! Things do get easier, like everything else it’s just an adjustment process.

I’m sorry to hear about your dx, I sure it is very hard to get used to it. My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed 2 month ago, and all though it became a little more routine, we still have our ups and downs.