Massive Insulin need increase

Hi guys, I've had pretty stable amounts of insulin needs for the past 5 years, two weeks ago I got pretty sick and sense then I've had to increase my daily basal to 2.3 from 1.55 and my insulin ratio from 1:24 to 1:20. Is this a common thing? I've only been Type 1 for 7 years this month.

Every seven years or so, as people and our bodies are in very different places, than they were the seven years previously. Physically, mentally, our activity(ies)are much changed in seven years.

Your insulin needs are the same. They will & do change

Sickness can often cause an increased need for insulin, especially if there's some type of infection involved. For me I've often found that an increased need for insulin will often taper off after a while.

The big danger is sticking with your increased insulin needs, they may not be permanent. Then you'll end up "feeding the insulin." That is your needs may diminish after a while and unless you adjust downwards then you may gain weight. If and when you start to see a lot more lows, then consider lowering your basal rates and insulin to carb ratios.

For the time being, your body needs what your body needs. That is the challenge of being the manual pancreas. You need to adjust when your body does and dose appropriately. Doing what you've always done, simply because you've always done it, is a flawed tactic.

I can do an insulin set point reset by being less active. Could be that I'm sick and off my feet, could be a few days just relaxing and laying around, could be I'm depressed and don't want to bother, could be its cold out and I don't want to walk, could be _______________?

I can also do an insulin set point reset by standing up at work all day long for several days, by skipping the elevator and walking all the steps(20 flights a day), by hopping on the treadmill after work to get to 12000 steps, or by taking a hiking vacation with lots of ups to gorgeous views.
I can also do a reset when the weather changes from cold to hot and vice versa.

The only thing I can depend on is that change will happen.
Some times its cut insulin doses, some times its increase insulin doses. Frequent testing, using a CGM, and a pump have made this a lot easier to stay on top of.

Yes, this is common. I find that sometimes my insulin needs increase before symptoms present. It's a harbinger of pending illness for me. A "perk" of diabetes, maybe? :-)

I'm currently running a temp basal of 175%. I'm suffering from an upper respiratory infection.

thanks everyone for the informative responses. I found out why my insulin needs have dramatically changed in the past few weeks. I'm pregnant :D

Congratulations! I can assure you that is not my problem. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I hear that pregnancy will make your basal rate go pretty wild for a while though....

Congratulations! Time for a dexcom and a pump if you do not have them already. And also time to get set up with an OB who deals with high risk pregnancies. Not saying you will have issues but they are the ones who usually handle diabetic pregnancies. Getting your endo/CDE involved now it important too.

Also check out the group's, there are several for diabetic moms to be!