“Mastering Diabetes” HCLF diet, why no lean meat?

I understand the mastering diabetes diet plan consists of high carb low fat to reduce insulin resistance. This makes sense as large amounts of dietary fat have been known To induce insulin resistance. By why do they forbid all animal products such as lean meats? Chicken, tuna, etc come to mind. Anyone know more about it and why?

This low fat diet recommends that only 10 to 15 % of one’s total calories consist of fat. Animal products have fat, so you can develop less insulin resistance by not eating them. I followed Dr Bernstein’s 30 carbs a day for 11 yrs. I have been following Mastering Diabetes guidelines for 3 yrs. I can eat 10 times the amount of good healthy carbs than I could when low carbing with just a few more units of insulin.

I prefer a vegan diet although never using any olive oil makes eating out quite difficult.
My protein levels test out higher on the Mastering Diabetes diet because I eat some form of beans daily.

I feel better eating a vegan low fat diet, have much less insulin resistance, weigh less and have more energy. BUT I miss my beloved nut butters.

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About how many grams of fat do you eat a day on HCLF?

Rwaz, I just finished breakfast.

1/4 cup cooked oat groats
1/2 banana
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup blackberries
1 medjool date
1/2 t chai seeds
3/4 t flax seed

Black herbal coffee

The chai and flax seeds have a minimal amount of fat in the amounts that I eat.

When low carbing I usually had just 2 T’s of almond butter for breakfast and coffee with cream.

Not sure what I will eat for lunch and dinner yet, but the fat will be probably about 12% of total calories.

I try to exercise at least every other day. I am quite petite so don’t eat huge amounts. I am 68 yrs old, type 1 for 60 yrs.

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Perhaps they are sensitive to concerns about kidney disease? Perhaps they want to make something applicable to people with kidney concerns.

I have never heard the folks at MD mention kidney concerns.

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