Trying out a better way of eating

I have decided to try after reading many articles on this subject to do very low carb healthy fats and protein. Has anyone else had better results trying to eat this way? Apparently you can lose weight they are no saying how great olives, avocado and coconut oil is for you. I am ready to give it a try I tend to have to many carbs I just may have to adjust my settings in time on my insulin pump. I would love to hear from anyone who is following this type of plan.

There are extensive posts and comments here about using LCHF (low carb, moderate protein, high fat) diets as a way to manage diabetes.

For me, it has made a huge difference in my ability to control BGs and feel healthier overall. I lost significant weight, greatly reduced BG variability (much less time on the gluco-coaster!), and cut my insulin use in half. I use a CGM and watch my BGs mostly move sideways. Check out the Flatliners Club in TuD groups for details.

This way of eating allows me to dose insulin based on carbs (an immediate bolus) as well as protein and fat (an extended bolus). For more information on using total available glucose or TAG, check out the TuD group, TAGgers United.

I’ve been at the LCHF way of eating for 28 months now and will continue with it. The fat and protein in the diet satiate the way that carbs only momentarily do. In fact, I only eat twice a day now (late morning breakfast and early evening dinner) and rarely battle hunger pangs.

Be prepared for an onslaught of push-back on eating high fat. Our society has been effectively propagandized by Big Food to fear fat, especially saturated fat. Science cannot support the so-called diet heart hypothesis that says that dietary fat degrades heart health. The real culprit is processed foods high in carbs and sugar and boasting low fat.

I highly recommend that you try this diet and see how it works for you. Be aware that your body will miss the carbs to start with but that goes away in a week or two.

Thank you soo much for your input I will also check out the groups you mentioned. I too have a CGM waiting on a new transmitter right now and I have the one touch ping insulin pump. I am thinking of trying the Tandem pump actually I am looking forward to my new lifestyle I know it will be a rough start how many carbs do you alow yourself?

The amount of carbs you can eat is very individual. Check out TAGers United and the Flatliners groups for some ideas on what to try. This will be a learning curve as you gradually reduce carbs and see how the protein and fat in your meals, and how you time your pre meal bolus insulin, extended bolus, and even temp basal rates to help keep your peaks lower. I had no clue that this could be done until I found those groups.
I don't hit it all the time and sometimes I elect to step back and not try to be so tight but even with the life happens ups and downs I have been able to step.down to a1cs consistently in the mid to low fives.
Knowing that it can be done safely is half the battle. Figuring out what works for you is the other half.
Having a pump and CGM make it a bit easier to achieve.

Thank you I have alot to learn but it will be well worth in!

After 20 years of trying to eat spaghetti and failing hopelessly, I finally decided to give up carbs. That was about six years ago. It has made a huge difference in my life. I truly think I’d be dead now if I didn’t do it

For me, if I stay below 70 grams of carbs per day, good BG traces are likely. Every PWD has an individual tolerance for carbs. When you eat above that threshold, you take larger amounts of insulin. suffer larger dosing errors, and control diminishes.

I agree with hobbit's comments and sentiment.

I use a Ping, too.

I love my spaghetti and meatballs! I eat two meatballs, a half a cup of spaghetti, and meat sauce. Paired with a dark red wine, sublime. It's my Sunday evening dinner out.

I use a combo bolus. I bolus for 20-25 carbs up front and then extend 3-4 units over 3 hours for the fat and protein. I do pretty well with the post meal BGs but I have to watch out for a low about 5-6 hours out. The liver gets busy with the alcohol and pauses the delivery of glycogen for a time. I've tripped over that low more than once!

I eat moderate low carb, high fat and moderate protein, although I don't really measure it all out in terms of fat etc. anymore because it made no difference to my results which are always variable. I started at 30g carbs per day but I was very hungry and weak all the time, I felt very deprived and I still had plenty of spikes and lows. This didn't go away after time whatsoever it got worse.

Now I eat around 70-100 depending on the day, my activity and so on. I feel less hungry overall, but that is still a problem for me. What you will figure out on low carb. most people will anyway, is that fat and protein can also spike you hours later, so just going low carb isn't a solution to everything by any means for many people.

Some type of carb moderation is usually good idea for most pwd. Everyone is individual and will have different results so you have to experiment and see what happens and see how specific foods affect you if you haven't done that already. Since you are on a pump you will probably be more successful at managing the spikes that can come later on with higher fat and protein content.

my doctor told me i need some carbs to bolus for she said have like 15 at breakfast and lunch and the most 30 at dinner .