May topic: it's a science fair!

What device would you invent to manage diabetes more effectively? Be creative, outrageous and outlandish! Is it a tiny robot? A giant bubble? What does it do to help you?

Or if not your own creation, what new technology or research have you heard about that has you excited about the future?

I just let it flow:

At this fair I have found an electronic mat. It will be put on the mattress of the bed and has a bluetooth connection to my mobile phone. The App on the phone will measure body temperature, movement pattern and heart rate. With these parameters it will identify a low blood glucose and fire an alarm.

Another cool gadget on this fair is the mini laser-pointer. This device connects via bluetooth to an App on the phone. Whenever I need a new site for the pump I will put the laser-pointer on the table. The App will locate me in the room by rotating the laser. Then it will point to the location of the next site to choose.

I could see insurance covering a the bed detector gizmo but I dunno about the pointer. My ideal gizmo would be a +/- 2% BG transponder, maybe like the Star Trek Tricorders, that would just let you know what your BG was. Accurately.

What about a contact lense that will measure the blood glucose in the fluid of the eye. By blinking two times the lense will show indicator lights for 3 seconds. The number of visible light segments will represent the current level of blood glucose.

On this imaginary fair I found a glucagon pen for micro-dosing glucagon. As we all know the liver will not release glucagon in sufficient amounts for aerobic sports because the insulin will block that reaction. Now with the glucagon pen I can force the liver to convert glycagon to glucose to sustain my blood glucose for aerobic sports. I just take one or two micro-shots and do not have to eat for sports anymore. This would even work for pumpers because the glucagon will work faster than lowering the basal rate.

Holger, I'd like the laser pointer to suggest a new site that is at least one inch away from any other site I've used in the past month (for good rotation practices) and also be able to tell me if there's any scar tissue nearby, then I can say, "select another site".

Ugh if it was techonal I can totally tear it up so's I won't say!

Holger, we've found your niche!! I LOVE your ideas on this topic! Can you please make them?

Brilliant. That would help me NOT keep using the same spot because it doesn't hurt.... because it's been converted to cardboard.

I want a little robot that follows me around (at a slight distance) and does everything for me to keep my sugar within range. It's not attached to me, yet it knows my blood sugar, its trajectory, what I'm eating, whether I'm exercising etc. and when necessary will come closer and tell me if I need insulin and how much, if I need carbs and how much...

There's a good idea Emily But if I had to do something to repare it it would be soooooooo in trouble! LOL!

I want to invent a little robot like the one you posted on this topic, to cook the healthiest meals every time! ;)

I would be happy with a robot that would give me a swift kick in the butt everytime I do something that I shouldn't be doing.

It would have to be diabetes related. IF it went on what my wife thinks I would have one sore behind.

Manny, I'll take one of your little robots if you program it to avoid gluten. Maybe in it's spare time, it could grow a few fresh herbs to add.

I would like a flashing light on my spectacles which tells me when my bg is too high to eat the food on my plate. Version II would be able to let me know which food is ok to eat and which is not.

Well, a source of diabetes-related fears for me is driving, specifically, going low while driving.

I'm thinking a cover for the steering wheel. If it sensed shakiness or trembling, the car would give off an alarm. Maybe also have some pads inside the seat that could somehow sense if someone's passed out. Then, the car would turn on the emergency flashers, pull off the road if possible, and call 911 with a pre-recorded message.

I've heard about cars that show CGM readings on their screens, which triggered the above thought.

Mine would be a camera that you use to take pictures of your food accurately calculates the carbs, insulin dosage, and produces a pre-filled shot with the correct amount of insulin inside. I really need this machine someone make it for me, haha.

I want and insulin pump that has an insulin reservoir and a glucagon reservoir. It would be so awesome to press a button to correct a low just like correcting a high.

For those caring for kids with Diabetes, wouldn't it be awesome to check their BG in the night and fix it without waking them up in their wonderful sleep to drink a juice box?

I like! This reminds me of the App on cell phones where you can take a photo of a products bar-code and get the cost and information on it! Awesome idea Sam16!