Cool Diabetes Toys - Where Are They Now?

I saw a picture here of what looked like a glucose meter with a USB jack poking out the side. So I opened it up, and sure enough a glucose manufacturer has had one out since September! Where was I? So anyway, I took a look at it on As is often the case with web surfing, I clicked on “diabetes” there and saw loads of other really cool toys for the sugar enhanced. It is at . They had things like a machine that you look into that would measure your BG through your eye (thankfully, no needle necessary) and something that would monitor your breath - presumably like a sugar oriented breathalyzer.

Now for the million dollar question: where are these objects of wonder? I want mine, and I want them yesterday!

Hey Tom, I hope you don’t mind but I referenced both you and the endgadget link in my blog today.

All the future gadgets that make us bionic all look cool. I want them now. This is another cool one, based on augmented reality, which is the current buzz word in the tech community now. Think CGMS, but you view your BG reading in your contacts!

I wonder if anyone can find old testing meters. I want to reminisce about my first one touch that took 45 seconds to put out a number.

I think the USB one is the Contour USB, I got a review one from Bayer and I’m enjoying playing with it at present.

When I saw the Bayer monitor with the USB I had one of those “DOH - why didn’t I think of that” moments. It made such perfect sense to me. I’ll bet a bunch of other manufacturers are thinking the same thing. I could see insulin pumps and CGMs coming out with a similar capability.

I saw the Bayer glucometer with the USB jack at the Exhibitors / International Diabetes Federation Congress , when I was in Montreal , Oct. 22 , 2009 . I am a Bayer user , so stopped by the exhibit ; was reminded , that this meter is NOT available in Canada yet . It has not been approved by Health Canada . Wait till early 2010 ??