Maybe they just want us dead

the cost of production for a vial of human insulin is between $2.28 and $3.42, while the production cost for a vial of most analog insulins is between $3.69 and $6.16, according to the study in BMJ Global Health.

They just charged me $302 and no I am not throwing it away after 28 days.

I will take my chances.

4800% markup

Psycho criminals.

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Novolog is good for a year if kept cool

Hey IgotT1. I often think that too. Your using Humalog I assume?
You may be able to tell the Doc that that cost is an issue and get something cheap (not as good, but cheap). You gotta have something.

I doubt it will last you more than 28 days. You’ll run out before then.

Colorado has imposed price caps. We have to wait and see how they respond to that there. CO is where ADA is headquartered in the Midwest. They are trying this out to see what happens.

What is human insulin?

Synthetic insulins meant to mimic those produced in the human body, as opposed to old fashioned pig and cow insulins.

Usually “human insulin” is shorthand for the old R/NPH insulins, Humalin & Novolin, vs Humalog & Novolog. Originally that regimen used animal-derived insulins (porcine most common in the US) but switched to recombinant human-based back in the 80s. I was dx’d in '83 and IIRC the change to recombinants took place for me a couple of years after that. I don’t remember there being anything special about it, dosing-wise. All seemed the same to me except for the label on the box. It was still another decade or more before the analogs and the first real basal (Lantus) showed up. That was the real game changer, especially Lantus. Carb-counting and dosing to it using I:C ratios all became possible then. Some people use R that way now, but it wasn’t really a thing back when.

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You have to work the system! While I have good insurance coverage, I have been using the vials for up to 45 days (but filling every 28 days) to help extend my stockpile.

If you don’t have good insurance, why are you not taking advantage of across-the-border pharmacies?

I’m guessing you have no insurance coverage at all otherwise this late in the year you ought to have gotten past the deductible hump? I was pretty much completely uninsured (actually was insured and paying through the teeth but pre-existing condition so couldn’t actually use it for anything) through the 90’s but back then insulin prices were not insane. And anyway I don’t think the analogs were yet on the market so there was no 28-day warning.

Ok Thankyou. I know as my husband has been a diabetic for 51 years he has had human insulin along the line.

Thanks for answering my query.


human insulin begets the branding “humulin” and “humalog”.

I guess so.

I had some trouble at the pharmacy when I lost my ID stupid b^thc told me I could not have one of my medications and kept falling back on the excuse “I am just doing my job”

Lots of people on line behind me and I kept saying in reply to “just doing my job” please stop quoting the NAZIS to me.

That was the excuse for refusing my Clonopin Rx, we know you, you spent 1000s of dollars here but if you don’t do the little ritual of “show ID” its go withdrawal maybe have a seizure and drop dead.

I only take a little so little but I read the reviews of this place and I was not the first they did this too.

Sick world we live in. People are heartless. I am getting that way too now but only towards people who deserve it.

My doctor called and forced them to give it too me. I went back got it told them to go to str8 to hell and never went back.

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I went to our local big box grocery store a few weeks ago and bought a bottle of wine. The clerk advised me that all alcohol purchases can only be made with a valid ID, regardless of your age. It was show the ID or leave the wine at checkout.

I recently bought a car and it was missing a keyfob. A replacement can only be ordered through the dealer and both the car, car owner with valid ID and proof of car ownership must all appear at the dealership before they can reorder a fob from the factory.

For the car, I kind of get it but for a bottle of wine requiring valid ID for everyone seems like kind of a stretch.

Godwin violation

little humour

I forget, how old are you? I remember when I was in my early 20’s and had a big problem with rules too. If the interweb had existed back then I might have spent my time complaining about the rules on the interweb rather than getting a replacement ID.

But now I’m 50-something and more likely to just get a replacement ID. Let me tell you, you might think it’s a big deal when your 20 to take a day off to stand in line at the DMV, but now that I’m 50-something I just take a day off for that and all sorts of things not just for me but for my kids.

Insulin4all is an activist group with chapters in various states. I started following the state chapter on Instagram after an article about them was in our newspaper.

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(6)(a) An individual may consent to allow the private entity to swipe the individual’s driver license or identification card to collect and store personal information. However, the individual must be informed what information is collected and the purpose or purposes for which it will be used.

(b) If the individual does not want the private entity to swipe the individual’s driver license or identification card, the private entity may manually collect personal information from the individual.

(7) The private entity may not withhold the provision of goods or services solely as a result of the individual requesting the collection of the data in subsection (6) from the individual through manual means.

(8) A private entity that violates this section may be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $5,000 per occurrence.

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I won’t let them scan my ID and the law is on my side.

My local big box grocery store does not scan any ID’s. They just require you to present it and they look at ID to make sure picture on the ID matches the purchaser in order to allow the purchase to go through. In the old days, only young individuals were being “carded”. Now we all are.

The card everyone law is for lazy or overwhelmed clerks, if given a choice the busy or lazy clerk may rely solely on his or her judgement, the card everyone mandate takes away that option.

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The thing is, the penalties attached to selling that bottle of wine to someone underage. When I was young I looked older and could buy any alcohol and cigarettes I wanted to and was only carded once. I was 14 and buying stuff. At 16 I was even sent to the liquor store and bought kegs for picnics etc my boss who was a caterer was putting on for companies because she knew I could buy it and if I ever needed it I actually had a fake ID. Which wasn’t necessary.

So this is one reason they started carding people that looked under 28 I think it was at first? Because you can’t count on employees judgement or maybe them caring as it’s the owners that pay the penalties. And pretty soon, Well I thought they looked over 28, wasn’t so good anymore and so for protection just card every single person that buys something.

I completely understand it.

And the person who invented it sold the patent for 1$ so big pharma could not rip people off for it. Anyhow I want to help. Have excellent coverage and recently switched ed from Apidra to Novorapid and still have a full box of Apidra. The only big problem is,I live across the border. Any shipping would destabilize it with the temperature we have here. Any idea?

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