Out of Date Insulin....?

I have a vial of Humalog Insulin that expired in 2006.
Question is ... has anyone here used out of date insulin and
what are the risks?
I am guessing it would probably work ok, and at $145 per vial.
I would consider to use it.
Feedback is appreciated.


You think it would work? I really doubt it. That insulin is actually 8 years old since it was likely produced in 2004 with a 2 year expiry. Humalog may cost $145 a vial, but that is not what you have, you have a liquid of some kind in a vial. I would really encourage you to not use it. Just save it for the Diabetes History Museum.

ps. Here is a story of a McDonald's burger from 1996, I wouldn't recommend eating it either.

It will not work and you will get high BGs so dont use it,Of couse you may also suffer dizziness, vomiting, rapid heart beat, difficulty in breathing, fever, localized reaction like swelling and tenderness at the site of the injection then visit your ER and dont forget to take your out of date insulin with you as need to no what you have taken.By way it cost you more than $145 for the visit to the ER

Agreed. If you'd said it was a couple months out of date, I might recommend trying it, because in general expiration dates are conservative, but 7 years...nope, I'd toss it.

ok... I got it.
I will toss it OR...
use it in my art from to which I have no Humalog vials.

Thanks to the replies,
I will NOT use this insulin.