Any T2's out there on a pump?

Just curious if any T2’s out there are pumping? I am a T2, using insulin with excellent control (last A1C 5.1%) on MDI. Just switched to NPH for basal as we are looking to start a family and my endo won’t use other basal insulins during or pre- pregnancy. I am in the process of looking at pumping so I can maintain good control without all of the injections I have been doing to maintain good control (6-8 per day) and without having to feed the insulin (NPH). Found out that I am covered by my insurance for pump and supplies. Would love to hear from other T2 who are pumping and what your experience was in transitioning from injections/MDI.

I’m a type 2 been pumping for eight years now. Don’t remember much specifically about the transition. I had been on MDI for several years before the pump so in a way that helped in that I was used to carb counting and doing corrections. About a year ago though I had to go back on shots for two days. I almost forgot how and hated it. I love pumping.

Don’t have experience with pregnancy and insulin–my daughter is 19 and was 2 1/2 months early so I pretty much missed the whole third trimester where insulin needs hugely increase. Her prematurity had nothing to do with diabetes.


THanks for your input Diana.

Hi, Jennifer. I’m a pumping T2 person. Unfortunately, I just started pumping insulin this past week, and being a male, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever have any children. (I’m also single and old, so I guess that is a triple whammy!) I do have a couple of dogs, however, and they are good company. There isn’t much I can tell you. I asked to switch from injections to pump b/c I was not able to manage a good control. My A1c’s went from 11.8 to 9.9 then to 10.4. I’m hoping to see better outcomes now that I’m able to look at things more closely and often. I don’t find the pump to be cumbersome or difficult. I spend most of my time being amazed at how advanced it is, actually, and won’t be at all surprised if you find it to be easier than the number of injections you are having each day. I certainly do! Please let us know what you decide and hot it works out. Best to you. —Anthony

PS - I have a Medtronics Paradigm Minimed 723. It really is quite amazing!