Me as of late

I was at a conference late last week and my blood sugars were great! Average of 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dl), which is great considering I was travelling for 12 hours each way and crossing time zones. (I live on the west coast of Canada, the conference was on the east coast of the U.S.) Also, the fact that I hardly ate probably helped ... I was just too busy to eat, and/or slept in and missed breakfast, and/or the foods were all pure carbs, and/or my plate was taken away before I was done eating ... I think I can count on my fingers the number of foods I ate over the four-day period!

I have been really bad at packing lunches for work lately. So today I decided that I think I bring it on myself, because when I don't pack a lunch I buy lunch somewhere. So, I think subconsciously I "forget" or don't have time to pack lunch on purpose, so I get to eat out instead. Today I decided that if I don't pack a lunch then I will not eat out! Meaning if I don't pack a lunch, I don't eat. Hehehe. Not the healthiest, maybe, but I bet I'll be packing a lunch after a few days of that! So today I did an inadvertent basal test:

7:17 AM - 6.7 (121) - Breakfast
8:50 AM - 10.0 (180) - Latte
12:21 PM - 5.1 (92) - Glucose tablet (was going in to teach)
2:54 PM - 5.9 (106)
5:48 PM - 5.6 (101)

It still boggles my mind that I can go 12 hours straight without eating (I think I probably would have been fine even without that glucose tablet). I am still not used to that even after being on the pump for the past seven years.

And then I ruined it all by having Chinese food for dinner ...

7:51 - 16.7 (300)

And, despite a correction:

9:35 - 18.9 (340)

Chinese food is evil!

And, blah, I definitely feel high. I don't go that high very often anymore! And when I do, it's usually (though not quite always) for a reason, like eating Chinese food. :)

Still, pretty darn good! I am still trying to reschedule my endo appointment that I was supposed to have a month ago. I keep forgetting to call since it's during work hours and I get too busy working. Heck, at this rate I'm doing so well, maybe I'll just leave it until the new year and see him in another month or two, and get another A1c done at that time.

This next week is all about FINALLY getting my thesis data collection done. Third time's the charm!!! I will be ecstatic if I can get that done by the holidays!!! That would make my entire year!

I actually think it is ok to skip meals and doing fasting so long as your basal is set properly. That is after all what humans did for almost all our history.

Sometimes life just works out really well. Perhaps you should do more traveling, just stay away from the Chinese food.

I agree. Everyone I tell my lunch strategy to says it's unhealthy, but I'm like, "Skipping lunch for a few days is not going to kill me ..."

I corrected at 15.8 (284) at around 11:00 last night, and then woke up at 6:30 this morning at 18.6 (335)! I'm starting to think this might be more than "just" Chinese food. I did eat some, but it was home made stuff, and I was reasonable and didn't go crazy and eat 1000 carbs. If it is just the food, then it really is evil!!!

Great job Jen!

I think the big problem w/ Chinese food is the portion sizes. At the Art Institute in Chicago, they have an extensive collection of Chinese art including many rice bowls. These are very small, say 3" in diameter, less than an inch deep which holds about a serving that'd be 20-30G of carbs which is about what you need. At most Chinese restaurants, you get a giant bowl of rice, several giant plates of food coated in cornstarch, etc. and a large plate to heap it all up on. Even if you figure "it's a ton of food, I'd better figure 90G of carbs, if you have 3-4 of the little "museum" bowls, you're probably well over 100, not to mention whatever is slathered on or sauced on top of your entrees, egg rolls, etc. Even with moderate portion control, it's still a big blast of food and I think there's quite a few stealth carbs in the sauce. I like Chinese food a lot, not to mention Korean as MrsAcidRock is Korean and always have pressure to get Chinese food but now we get like an entree and greenbeans (still with mysterious sauce, of course...) and maybe some fried rice and it will last the 3 of us a couple of days. It's still challenging but I think that it can be conquered.

This stuff I got the smallest size serving and bolused 90g carbs. LOL. I don't know if it was just the food, though. I was 18.6 this morning, then still 14.8 after breakfast, and still 13.7 at lunch, then finally 9.2 in the afternoon (by which time I'd cranked up everything a lot), and finally 3.1 at dinner. We'll see where after dinner goes! I'm wondering if it's hormones or (god forbid not now) me getting sick, or stress .... just combined with the food. I don't know that a relatively small serving (compared to what most are like) of Chinese food would make me ridiculously high for almost 24 hours after eating it?!

Overall, though, aside from the past 24 hours, my control has been so great!

I had to cut Chinese food out of my diet, too… It would keep me at 400 for days and I never could figure it out. :frowning: