Me? Depressed?


I never thought of myself as depressed for most of my life as a D, and I suppose I wasn't until the last 2 years. I ran into 'complications' (god how I hate that word!) with my eyes, nearly lost my license, have gone through numerous laser treatments, injections and 2 cataract surgeries and now....I think that I'm depressed. I just went for my check-up last week after having the second cataract removed and got bad news. My eyes still haven't settled down (diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration), I'm starting laser surgery AGAIN, then more injections then surgery. I don't know what to do or what to think. My mom and sister think that I don't care - mostly because I show a strong front - but inside, I'm just ready to lose it.

I'm sick and tired of having no support (meaning fellow T1 diabetics). That has led me to this place. Although it's not like meeting for coffee and discussing my problems with a friend, I'm still hoping to meet some fellow T1's who understand what I'm going through.

I should apologize though, cause....when it comes to my D, I'm super negative and that will show in my posts....sorry for all the negativity.


Negative feelings about chronic illness are totally normal! One of the things that I struggle with is that no one (except my husband) really has any clue what it’s like… and everyone thinks its no big deal, because in my external life, it is.

But it’s not okay, really, and I think having a place to say that is part of staying healthy, both mentally and physically.

I’m sorry to hear about your eyes. I hope this next round of treatment goes well, and that things get better for you. Welcome to TuDiabetes; it’s great to meet you. :slight_smile:


I very much agree with what Beth said. We make everything seem so normal in our everyday lives that people don’t understand how difficult it really is.

I experience many strong emotions around my diabetes as well. Most recently it has been anger.

This is, I think, a pretty normal process for many of us. For me to deal with it I use the help of a therapist (although finding a good one who knows diabetes can be tough too).

It is no sign of weakness to seek help with depression. In fact it is a sign of strength and courage to acknowledge that you need some help. It is Ok to need help, especially living with diabetes.

Stay strong - you can do it.


I can’t imagine what you are going threw. We are all here to support you. You can get a different ear from us because we are not family. Know what I mean? My father in law just got his leg amputated because of diabetes and I know it is hard going to the hospital and drs and stuff.
Hang in there,
hugs to you,


Thanks guys, it means a lot to hear that from people who know what it’s like to fight with this disease.


Hey, Lisa…

I’m not a T1, I’m a T2…but I know about getting depressed dealing with chronic illness. I’ve got a pile of problems that don’t come from the big D – I’ve got a dead thyroid, joint pain that constantly threatens to become full-blown arthritis, and I broke my neck last December. My trunk lid slammed on it in a 40mph wind, and popped 3 disks at once. Now I have a nice piece of titanium keeping my neck straight, reduced motion, and at least some constant pain. I can drive for about 15-20 minutes, then I get shooting pain down my arms and they go numb.

Then I get diagnosed with T2 diabetes. Oh, just ducky…

I guess it was having to sit in a recliner for six months, recovering from them opening up my neck to work on my spine. I did get a nice scar from where they took out the Goa’uld, though, and I no longer have those pesky urges to take over the world…