Meal Sequencing for Better BG

Understanding the glycemic index, the idea makes sense, but it never occurred to me to make it a rule, to eat foods in a particular order to reduce variation and BG spiking. In the following article, they discuss vegetables as separate from carbohydrates, although veggies are carbs. I was thinking it might be better to think of eating in this order:

  1. High fiber, low glycemic index
  2. Low fiber, low glycemic index
  3. Low Fiber, high glycemic index

Personally, I avoid low-fiber foods that have a high glycemic index but do occasionally eat them - dinner out with family includes bread - and certainly use some high GI foods to prop up my blood sugar, but this tweak might also help Type 2s maintain better blood sugar.

It’s a popular internet health hack: Eat foods in the “right” order — vegetables first, proteins and fats second, carbohydrates last — and you’ll significantly reduce your resulting spike in blood sugar, which can therefore reduce cravings, fatigue and health risks like Type 2 diabetes, proponents say.

It seems there is never (or has never) been a one size fits all diet plan for Type 1 diabetics, but we are fortunate there are so many food, diet, and treatment options for us to explore. GCM’s are definitely a game changer, we can get evidence of the success of our efforts, or as the case may be, the opposite. I am exploring a pescatarian/vegan diet right now, with the addition of some dairy. TIme (and numbers) will tell all …

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