Meals schedule

Hi all,

I am struggling with scheduling my son (2.5 yr) meals and snacks. he wakes up at 7am and sleeps at 8 pm,the nutrition specialist says to have 6 hours between meals, and snacks between these meals.

will you please share with me your meals schedules for your kids specially for the same age.

Thanks and appreciate your responses in advance.

My son was diagnosed at 13 months. We were never told.that there had to be 6 hours between meals. i waited 3-4, as all the insulin seemed to run out by that time.

My kids were diagnosed at 6 and 9, so they were not your son’s age, but I can tell you that I don’t even think now at 9 and 13 they could go 6 hours between meals! Lol. I think 6 hours between meals is reasonable if that includes 2 snacks, i.e. breakfast at 7:15, no/low carb snack at 10, lunch at 11:30-12:00, snack at 3, dinner at 6, which would give you time to check before bed.

My son is now 3.5 yrs and I still find it's hard to set a meal schedule. We've been at it almost two years now. I admit though I'm not very good and being so regimented. When our C:I ratios are on point I don't think it's as important for us to maintain a schedule. When we were on NPH it was more important to have meals at certain times or he'd go low. On MDI and now the pump it's much more flexible. When we need to check a ratio though and stretch time between meals I found a visual timer worked. If Ian asks for a snack I point to the timer and say, "The timer doesn't say it's time yet.". I have to admit I had a bad attitude when told at first to treat my son like a normal kids but then to institute army like meal plans! There are times it's a must though. I think sometimes nutritionists are trying to make things for adults work for kids and kids are so different and growing so differently. One day they eat lots and the next nothing. I believe it's up to us to organize insulin around that and not food around insulin.
sorry for the rant, I do like what Niajabetic Mama says about meals 3-4 hours apart as it seems more reasonable for a little one.

If dinner at 6, when he sleep?
Do u give him snak at sleeping time?
How is the glucose level at 3am … is it low?

I would consider finding a nutrition specialist with more current information.