Timing for meals?

Just a quick question.
What do you do when you cannot keep to a regular schedule for meals?
Example : I cannot keep a schedule with my husband’s military schedule at all. His days off are varied. The 12 hour schedule and dealing with kids dr appts etc will not give me time to get home and get a meal. Any kind of snack is simply going to raise my numbers higher than they should be.
I’m lost. :frowning:
This morning was not great. I woke up at 7 am tested 167.
Fell back to sleep due to not sleeping most of the night. (bad storms.)
Woke up again and tested at 10 am was 149.
Took my medicine ate an omelet.
Tested at 1:30 and was down to 144.
LOL! past lunch time … not hungry because of late breakfast. The rest of the day will follow the same pattern.
So do you all have similar problems as this? What do you do?

It’s not really something I have a problem with as a tightly controlled T1, I can eat when I like, BUT… I have found that routine helps! What I do these days is keep an apple with me. If I think I’m going to miss a meal I just munch on that. It’s just enough to fill me up but not too much if I’m not that hungry, it’s low on carbs and high on goodness, and it’s enough to stop my liver from bouncing my BGs high.

If an apple isn’t your thing, how about a little bag of nuts? All you really need is something to tell your body that you’re eating, so that it doesn’t bounce your BGs high. Something low carb so you don’t need to worry about the effects.

I find that if I start the day late, and keep everything late, then it’s not an issue - but of course what works for me may not be the same for you…

Hi M:)
I do like the apple. I manage to eat an apple or two everyday. Just because they are a sweet crunch to satisfy the desire of sugar.
Mommy2peanut, I havent managed anything as crazy as a poptart in almost 4 years. I wont even allow them in the house:)
Somehow, I’ve got to get some little things together for me to hide from the kids.

Hee hee! Dont we wish we could munch on junk sometimes? sigh…
Would be neat to come up with a decent alternative.
I’ve actually been playing with sprouted grains. Growing,cutting dehydrating and then trying them out in different things… maybe a cookie of some kind should be my next try:) ( this is how the Ezek. 4:9 bread is made. expensive in the health food store! But my numbers dont skyrocket.)