Your thoughts...Please? "six meals a day?"

Guys and Gals?
I just cannot wrap my mind around how to do this. I “hear” that it really helps to even out the numbers. I just cannot seem to figure out the “how to’s” of it.
I am home most every day. I’m fearful that if I pull food out 6 times a day… my kids will think “time to eat” and start gaining weight or just not “doing” what they should be doing.
Would anyone mind giving me ideas of how these meals get split? Suggestions of any kind are welcome:)
MeadowLark… getting ready for crash time. (Stephen leaves for Afghanistan on Sunday) I need to get ready to
jump into a schedule of school and meals that will be not be time consuming.

Eat smaller meals… add in reasonable snacks between meals. It’s not hard to get to 6 a day and not overeat :slight_smile:

The beauty of it is that you’re never hungry, and your body never goes into “starvation” mode because you haven’t eaten enough (this is the #1 mistake that most dieters make - restricting food actually causes most people to store fat).

Are you having many lows or digestive problems? Asking because people are told to eat more frequent, much smaller meals if they have gastroparesis or other issues with digestion where their stomachs can’t handle a lot of food at once.

One of the hard parts of eating six meals is not stacking insulin since you’d have IOB when bolusing for the next. It’s also hard to get well rounded meals, so keep an eye on how much protein you’re eating.

That was one of the more difficult habits for me to pick up. I was one who ate twice usually, sometimes once a day. Now I do 5-6 for me I do it strictly by the number of carbs and time. 5:30 am ≈15 to 20gm, 9:00 am 10 to 15gm, 12:00noon 20 to 30gm, 3:00pm 10 to 15 gm, 6:00pm ≈10 gm usually a low to med GI fruit, I really like strawberries and they are at least for the ast couple of months friendly to my bg level…and Supper well that can be 3 to 30 gm depending on what we have. For the 9:00am and 3:00pm that is often the 100 cal packs of doretos, rtitz snacks, cheetos so I still get some junk food, but it is limited by the size of packet to only 100Cal and the carbs run 10 for the cheetos to 15 for the doritos.

As a Type 1, if my niece ate six small meals a day, she would never come back down into range. Takes four and a half hours for Novolog to finish working. Six meals would be a disaster for her. And endo has stressed she needs to come back into range before eating again. At most, we do three meals and a snack school days (because she loses her appetite and does not have time to eat anything but a small breakfast and fairly small lunch), three meals during weekends. If she sleeps in, we do two meals plus a snack.

I just keep wondering how this will really help. I’m type 2 and I don’t have any other difficulties with my health other than “perimenopause.” LOL! Which for some reason I should be going through; but I’m not… Cycles are as always since I started (heavy and long.)
I know I need to lose weight and exercise. I keep reading all over the net that 6 meals is the best way to go.
For me, I eat and have always needed to wait at least 5 hours before the next meal.
I’ve basically got free range on both of my insulins (humalog and lantus) Doc told me to adjust until I find those awesome numbers.
My problem is that I can have wonder lunch numbers of 100 to 115 every day and Dinner can be the same. Waking up is my major malfunction. My last visit, I brought in my graph page for
3 months. He told me to keep up the great day work and figure out what I need to do for waking up.
My wake up ranges from 190 to 145. ( I never know where it will be.) This Dr is only a family Dr and I do not have access to an endo. (nor the money for the extra co-pays to go to one.)
I’ll keep watching for your replies:) It’s Wed. and I’ve got 4 more days with Stephen before he gets on the plane. I’m sporadic with being on the computer for the next few days.

I wonder how eating six meals a day will help you, too, & if it’s worth the trouble. Since you’ve spread your meals 5 hours apart & have great numbers, why change?

Your fasting numbers are high. Dawn phenomenon is usually more of a Type 1 problem, but Type 2s can have this. Do you take Lantus before bed? What’s helped my DP is taking basal immediately before bed. I also take another dose in the morning. Not eating 4-5 hours before bed & not eating a dinner heavy in fats or protein, since these take long to digest.