Medical Cannabis?

Currently, I have been using CBD from hemp–no THC so legal throughout the country–for pain from a spinal cord injury and diabetic neuropathy.

Living in Washington and having access to medical cannabis has opened a doorway into research for me. I see lots of studies that indicate increased efficacy with both neuropathic pain and immune system balance/health when there is a small amount of THC in the mix.

Dose anyone have experience with either of these modalities? I would love to read about it!


I advise all my patients not to go near cannabis/products. Interactions with medications have not been sufficiently studied.

I suspect the “immune system balance/health” properties are right up there with essential oils massaged into feet… :unamused:

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Actually, Israel is doing a great deal of research on the topic, and the company, Aunt Zelda’s, in the US developed a research protocol with state of art software… you might want to check out what’s available currently–maybe more since the last time you looked into it ; )

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No, sorry, I don’t have any experience with a small amount of THC in the mix.



I don’t but glad we now have other options available to us. I keep a close eye on it as someone who suffers from chronic nausea in which no pharmaceutical drugs work. Don’t need it today but someday. As someone who suffers, I’m glad it is available to me.


Aunt Zelda’s–now there’s a company name that I’d associate with scientifically sound research protocols. :wink: How many Forum members would feel comfortable acquiring their insulin from a company named “Aunt Zelda’s”?

And as far as their utilization of “state of art software”: Is any “gold standard” research (we’re talking meta-analyses of multiple randomized controlled trials) performed without state of the art software these days? This is a basic necessity, not something that insures the research performed is to be trusted.

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@Ahnalira my mother-in-law’s oncologist suggested (& her neurosurgeon approved) the oil to help with double-vision, dizziness & nausea caused by a cancerous brain tumor. I don’t know the specifics of type, dosage or even how it’s given, but I’ve been very impressed impressed with her improvement. An added benefit has been a reduction in pain…the constant headaches & pain in her right shoulder & arm. With all she’s suffered the last 6 months, I’m very grateful for oncologist.


I am unimpressed by sarcasm. And, actually, if you read my original post, you’ll see I’m asking for personal experience–not opinions. You are welcome to yours, but I’ve already written you off as a closed minded MD (That’s my opinion :wink: ) so–unless you want to do some research and join the conversation with an open mind, I will consider our dialogue complete, respectfully.


From what I’ve read, this is the key–accurate lab testing to determine the appropriate strain, or mix of strains. I am learning what terpenes and cannabinoids have what actions in the body… way more complex than picking by favorite name, right?

Actually, as an open-minded MD I’ve reviewed the not-so-extensive sound scientific research done to date. Unless used for intractable nausea or pain that does not respond to FDA-approved medications, or when used by cancer patients, the evidence is just not there to support the risk of side effects from CBD: inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism, decreased activity of p-glycoprotein, and negative interaction with a series of pharmaceuticals secondary to inhibition of cytochrome P450. :slight_smile:


I agree that there’s a near total lack of legit research on the subject. And I think that’s a real shame. It was only because of boneheaded political decisions that the topic ever became taboo and was forced outside the realm of legitimate science and research channels and into the basements of the “Aunt Zelda’s” of the world.


Intractable pain would be what I described in my opening post. In fact, I got myself off of opiods after multiple spinal surgeries using CBD. In addition, you assumption that everyone uses a myriad of pharmaceuticals is based on the perceptual bias of your profession, imo. You are limited by what you know and, apparently unwilling to delve further to discover what you don’t know.

It’s virtually impossible for you to have considered all of the current research. Clearly, you haven’t read the clinical trials coming out of Israel on the benefits of medical cannabis for neuropathic pain, just as an example. I have a double masters degree which essentially means I am a master at finding credible research. When you make statements that infer you know everything there is to know about a topic, you lose credibility with me. Please check your arrogance at the door or please move on.

I have duly noted that you don’t recommend the use medical cannabis. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Agree. And, as far as I can tell, it is the pharmaceuticals lobbying machine keeping cannabis at a schedule 1 felony to prevent the types of research we need. I’ve been going to Israeli studies where they are doing much more to explore the endocannabinoid system and the application of exo-cannabinoids.

Woah, who pee-peed in your porridge?

You do not know enough about me to accurately infer that I assume “that everyone uses a myriad of pharmaceuticals”. And “perceptual bias of [my] profession”? Ahnalira, you have absolutely no idea exactly what I know and what I don’t know.

As a matter of fact, I have read the clinical trials coming out of Israel. I guess your double masters degree conferred upon you the ability to both read my mind and know with irrefutable certainty everything about my knowledge base. Finding and judging the scientific soundness and reputability of research is a basic skill taught in medical school, and is a skill that I have honed over 2 decades plus of practicing medicine. I have no delusions that I am a super-hero reviewer of scientific research, but I certainly know my way around in the field of scientific research.

I do not believe and have never stated that I know everything. If you choose to come to the conclusion that I “make statements that infer [I] know everything there is to know about a topic”, nothing I or anyone else can do will stop you. If you find me arrogant, I can do nothing about that, either. However, the difference between what I posted and what you posted in this thread is that my posts do not judge or attack you or your profession on a personal level. I offered my opinion about “medical” cannabis. When you disagreed with my opinions, you chose to attack me personally. I’m glad that the vast majority of members on this Forum do not go ballistic when they disagree with a post I’ve written.


[quote=“rgcainmd, post:14, topic:57691”]
You do not know enough about me to accurately infer that I assume “that everyone uses a myriad of pharmaceuticals”. And “perceptual bias of [my] profession”? Ahnalira, you have absolutely no idea exactly what I know and what I don’t know [/quote]

You are right. I don’t know what you know and don’t know. I do know your responses are particularly sarcastic, and I perhaps that’s how I came away with the opinion that you are arrogant and close minded. You are absolutely right, though–I don’t know if that is a fully accurate statement. So please accept my apologies for speaking out of turn.

I really would like to hear from people who have experience in addition to opinion. So thank you for sharing your educated opinion. I will keep it in mind as I continue my research.

My field is psychology. I am not a mind reader, but I am trained and skilled in the art of “reading between the lines.” For future reference, comments like:
I’m glad that the vast majority of members on this Forum do not go ballistic when they disagree with a post I’ve written.
How many Forum members would feel comfortable acquiring their insulin from a company named “Aunt Zelda’s”?

are particularly unwelcoming to people who post infrequently or for the first time. If it isn’t your intent to keep the forum closed and small, you may want to rethink those types of comments. Respectfully.


I have very briefly scanned a few articles on the studies in other countries, but only after I was told MIL was using it. The tumor had extensive growth, due to months of symptoms being misdiagnosed. Some of the symptoms were relieved immediately by the surgery, but the onset of new symptoms was heartbreaking to see. We were warned nausea & double vision were normal after the procedure, but she has steadily worsened. Zofran/phenergan did nothing. She came out of the surgery with no control over her right arm & hand & in constant pain, & the relentless headaches. Pain meds did nothing other than to drug her & make her sleep. She still has no control over the arm/hand movements, but she says the pain is gone & she now manages the headaches with OTC ibuprofen. Her prognosis is still not good, but it was wonderful to have her be able to participate in Thanksgiving & spend time with her grandkids.

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@tiaE So happy to hear she was present and engaged through the holiday, and sad to hear her prognosis hasn’t improved.

There are a host of studies that indicate medical cannabis will reduce tumor size. I hope your MIL gets that side effect, too!

What I find most amazing about what I am reading is on the endocannabinoid system in general. We actually make natural counterparts to CBD and THC in our body…to function through the endocannabinoid system to achieve homeostatis throughout all systems… I’m not a scientist, so I may have described it inadequately… but how amazing that our bodies can do that, right? One presentation I watch coming out Israel says they have discovered receptor sites not only on the cell wall… but also on the nucleus wall, and now they are starting research to see if the system can impact epigenetics.

[quote=“Ahnalira, post:15, topic:57691, full:true”]

I think and rethink everything I write before posting it. I do not believe this Forum is “closed and small”, nor do I believe what I write has the intent or power make it this way. I am a big believer in the fact that one cannot unring a bell.

That being said, I am more than happy to grant you the last word, as you so clearly need to have it. So by all means, please feel free to post another personal attack directed at me.

@rgcainmd, @Ahnalira, how 'bout we have a Rodney King moment?

Both of you have valid points to make, and different domains of experience. More important, you’re both decent folk. So there’s no reason to deliver your thoughts in the warhead of a cruise missile, when a chocolate car will get it there just as well, but taste much sweeter :grin:

(just trying to lighten up a bit)


Give me a chocolate car.


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