So im diabetic and i smoke a good amout of ganja

it keeps me in balance and evens out my numbers when i need it too as long as i do it in the right way whether it be smoking it eating it…anybody have any info about the sweet herb and the diabetes?

Skelletor, there have been quite a few discussions here if you do a search for “marijuana”.

Medical marijuana for diabetes? My memory is bad enough without adding to it. You have your A1c listed at 11, and you are saying it evens out your numbers. Maybe you were sick or something, so that A1c was a fluke, but if not, really?

Skelletor, you have posted a similar discussion about the said substance last May, 2010

We had a similar discussion here as I also posted to you then:

Hope the links provided there may help you.

You might want to consider that you’re lessoning your stamina by decreasing your blood oxygen leading to decreased glycogen storage and circulation. But hay you’ll get there sooner and we all want to see the pearly gates, right?

Even if it really does lower your blood sugar during the “munchie” phase, it doesn’t seem like a better alternative to insulin. Marijuana seems like an ok medicine for certain diseases when every other legal medicine FAILS. If you can keep your blood sugar normal by testing and taking insulin in proper doses at the right time then why eat or smoke marijuana. If you can get a doctor prescription than go for it. But if most people can keep normal blood sugar levels without marijuana than I doubt it’s a good idea. Also it just doesn’t seem that productive to be “stoned”.

Maybe if marijuana worked without the insulin but you are basically asking, “should I take insulin along with marijuana or just insulin alone?” If the insulin works without the marijuana than you don’t need marijuana.

Recreational or personal use is a different question.

i’m a mom…i’d support her…lol

Hmmm… No judgment, but how can smoking have a positive effect? Food, and controlling intake of food is such a large part of D… how will you handle the “munchies”?

Sounds like fun. Sounds like you’re deluding yourself.

If a person is on medical marijuana, would a person also get disability, somehow? Cus how can a person function properly if stoned all the time? I mean, who cares about Montel and his talk show, anything he might say sober or not is such nonsense, no one can tell if he’s stoned. But driving, working, and other situations that require good motor skills would seem to me get in the way of a disease that has to be managed 24/7.

Don’t get me wrong… if they approved medical marijuana one day for Diabetes I might try it… But then I might forget I have Diabetes, and go have pizza and cake, when the munchies hit. lol Not that I would know… I’ve never so much as smoked a cigarette in my life, let alone done any drugs.


Are you sure it evens out your numbers? Or is it the effect of the pot that is making you THINK that they are reasonable good? Were you high when you asked this question? LOL

I remember reading that the whole “munchies” thing was actually because you are lowering your blood sugar. Even if that is true, than having a craving for food kinda defeats the purpose.

Having an A1c of 11 doesn’t mean his numbers aren’t evened out. It only means they’re high.

No pun intended.


It’s grass, not acid. :slight_smile:

So does anyone here actually have a medical prescription for marijuana for diabetes or some diabetes complications? I’m curious to know.

I don’t find that it has any direct effect on my glucose, but you have to have some control to handle the munchies. I find that alcohol is much harder to deal with as it causes direct changes in your glucose. I don’t see MM having such a salutatory effect on diabetes. A blunt can certainly help take away some anxiety or calm the annoyance. It can also help alleviate some of the depression or the side-effects from antidepressants (i.e., Wellbutrin can increase your anxiety). Also it is very useful as a sleeping agent. As for working while under the influence, that’s probably not going to be a problem. I know that my employer has a definite policy that you are not to be at work under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. Being high and doing my job are mutually exclusive. Ummmm, what were we just talking about? . . . .

i guess i should say that i’m not against medical marijuana(have always voted to legalize it even tho i don’t smoke)…or recreational use of it for that matter. just, for me, the more intent i am at making sure i am as healthy as i can be, the less i tend to even take pain relievers.

and, i feel that the OP was asking a serious question and really hasn’t been supported much. (by me)

all that being said, if someone needed the medicine and nothing else was working, but pot worked and even helped them with their sugars, its a good thing.

That’s why I was asking if there are marijuana prescriptions for diabetes or diabetic complications? I’m curious. Anyone here? I know they prescribe it for pain, cancer, glaucoma, but diabetes?

I wouldn’t smoke it recreationally and I would need a LOT of scientific research to even consider it medicinally. Even then I still probably wouldn’t smoke/eat it.

It sure gives new definition to being high all the time. lol

If you have back pain or depression or used to have cancer, you qualify for medical MJ, but not disability in CA. My friend says you can get it here in CA if you have a headache and a pulse.