Medical ID - Do you wear one?

I ordered a new ID bracelet today from Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a big fan of their product. I first found them about five years ago when I was searching for medical ID bracelets that were customizable and yet didn’t have metal parts that would touch my skin. I’ve been hooked ever since! They have a new interactive ID (same idea as medic alert) and of course I had to have one!

I’m a dork what can I say? :wink:

I’m often befuddled by people that don’t wear medical ID’s, or in general people that don’t carry id with them at all. I work with a woman that lost her state ID a couple of years ago and hasn’t bothered to replace it. I mean eesh! she has no medical conditions that would need prompt attention in the case of an accident or emergency but if I were her I’d be afraid I’d end up a Jane Doe with my family wondering what the heck happened to me. I think its kind of selfish to not at the very least carry some identification with you, especially if you have a chronic illness. I mean really, how hard is it? ID, meet pocket, pocket meet id.

So my challenge to you all that don’t wear medical Ids or carry a medical id in your wallet, is to convince me that you have valid reason not to. and dont tell me they’re ugly, there are enough beautiful and non obvious medical ids out there that I won’t accept vanity as an excuse! Besides… Better ugly then dead…

I’d like to have one especially the medic alert bracelet, but we don’t have it here, for me, it’s cute to wear one… :slight_smile:

I wear a medic alert bracelet… but in my opinion alot of the time people just think its a pretty bracelet and ask where i got it from and how much it was :wink: i say you have to be a member to have one :wink: £40 a year lol! … £80 if ur me and lose it lol. x

Newly diagnosed, but I am close to getting one. I actually just found and am seriously looking into getting one of those, and a few others from other sites. should have extras, just in case.

veronica there are some nice ones out there with a wide price range. let me know if you find any you like in particular! like i said, i’m a dork :wink: lol