Road ID Discount

So I’ve recently decided to update my old pieces of medic alert bracelets/necklaces/paraphernalia I’ve obtained through the years to one brand new one. I ordered through & since I’m an avid biker/hiker I figured I should probably have one that has been updated within the last 10 years. Their interactive ID is a pretty sweet concept & if you haven’t heard about it, definitely look into it if you’re an active person with D who frequently goes out on their own. Anyways I got $1 off coupon if you use


It’s not the best coupon I’ve ever had, but if you’re a T1 D or at least insulin dependent, you should definitely have a medic alert on you at all times. It’s good for the first 20 people, so please use it up!

Thanks for the info, Kelly. I’ve used MedicAlert for many years, but recently had a problem with a new bracelet and they were unwilling to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. I will certainly look into the interactive style!