Medicare and OMNIPOD

Hi. Does anyone know the current status of medicare covering the omnipod / pods?

Last time I checked, still no. That was about a month ago.

Thanks. I’ll keep checking. I have until February. I would really hate to give up the Omni.

Hi Francine,

I am an advocate for my wife in this cause and we along with our attorney who is well versed in the Medicare appeals process will be fighting Medicare to get this wrong hopefully changed for those of us 65 & over. If you haven't given up on the OmniPod yet please be patient, as I will post whenever we hear back from CMS after we have been scheduled for the 4th level of appeals hearing before CMS's Medical Appeals Council (MAC) hopefully, in the coming weeks.

great! thanks!

Any luck yet?

Could you have him add CGM to the list of uncovered devices?

and anything else we need like more strips…PLEASE.


There is a bill in Congress now S.804 - Medicare CGM Access Act of 2015. Write your congressperson and demand that this gets passed and pass it on to all your friends and family!

I just sent an email to my congressman on S.804 and also asked if there was anything he could do about Medicare covering the Omnipod… that would be appreciated too!