Omnipod and Medicare

I am going to have to go off the Omnipod after five years since I am now on Medicare. I am still on the old PDM which works great but down to my last four boxes of pods. Does anyone know if one can buy any of the older pods. Omnipod obviously says no. I just can't afford the monthly cost of the pods now as I am living on social security. I am going to have to get a tubed pump which is going to cost Medicare thousands...Doesn't make much sense. Can anyone gibe me some direction as to what pump might be the best. Have always been on Omnipod Type one adult onset seven years ago. Thanks for any help you can give me. Joy

i have the medtronic 523 & love it
the tubing does not bother me at all
you just get used to it
good luck but can't you get a letter from your endo saying that you need the omnipod???

Thanks for the medtronic suggestion. I will look into that one. I wish it was as easy as getting a letter from my endo. Medicare just won't cover the Omnipod period. I think everyone has tried. Thanks again.