Medicare - Part D - how's it working for you?

Medicare’s Part D - the part that covers prescription drug benefits - covers some of what we need as people with diabetes - insulin (unless you’re a pumper, then your insulin is under Part B), oral meds, etc. are all covered under Part D. Do you have a fairly easy time getting what you need? What WORKS with Part D for you? Or does it work at all? I have the opportunity to represent our community in a Tele Town Hall with a congressman and I’d love to be able to share quotes and thoughts from members of our community currently served by Part D.

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part D could be better somethings that we REALLY need are not covered

Mel, when is the event? How long do you have to prepare??

It was earlier this week. :smiley:

Bennet Dunlap represented DHF on the call and did a beautiful job sharing insights from the greater diabetes online community.

Good to hear