Medtronic 780G FDA approval

I just got an email from Medtronic that the FDA has approved the 780G system. If you’re already on a 770G system you can preorder the upgrade for free starting May 15th. No word on how long it will take to get the upgrade.

I’m wondering if the 780 is worth the update. Has anyone been trial using it?

Last year, I got tired of waiting for Medtronic to get their act together, and make nice with the FDA to get the 780 approved. So, I switched to a Tandem t:slim. Even though I had warranty coverage on my 770G through the end of 2024, Tandem/Dexcom were able to get insurance approval for the pump change.

So far, I have gotten pretty good results from the t:slim/Dexcom, but, while I have have nothing but good things to say about the Dexcom, there are a few things really bug me with the t:slim … the reservoir system, the tremendous amount of insulin waste when changing cartridges … all the standard gripes most people have with the system.

But the biggest issue that I have is that the system is quite timid when it comes to auto-bolusing. ControlIQ does a pretty good job during normal operation. But if you mis-count your carbs, or (for whatever reason) do not take a bolus prior to having a meal, it will take quite a bit to get your BG back under control.

The 780 promises to be more aggressive in treating spiking BG levels. Auto-boluses can be given up to once every 5 minutes, as opposed to one an hour (Medtronic calls this “meal detection technology”). Also, after using the 670G and then the 770G for a long time, I know that the reservoir system is significantly simpler, and does not have any of the insulin waste, vs. the t:slim. (Tandem should really be ashamed at the design of the reservoir system of the t:slim. If ControlIQ didn’t work as well as it does, the reservoir system alone with have been enough for me to reject the t:slim.)

I know that many people had problems with the Guardian3 CGM, but I never did. Other than inaccuracies on the first day after a sensor change, it worked pretty well for me. So I am hopeful that the Guardian4 will be as trouble-free, with the benefits of (mostly) no calibrations. I do wish the 780 would work with the Dexcom, as the Dexcom G6 is much superior to the Guardian3 both functionally and aesthetically. But, other than the same aesthetics as the Guardian3, hopefully the functionality of the Guardian4 will be on-par with the Dexcom G6.

I have registered for the 780 upgrade, and look forward to trying it out. I guess I am in a unique position in that I have plenty of supplies for the t:slim and Dexcom, so, once I get the 780 upgrade completed and receive new Guardian4 sensors, I can try one against the other side by side … I will be able to go back and forth to really see how they compare.

Should be interesting … we’ll see how it goes.

Personally, upgrading to the 780G was a total waste of time. The online upgrade took HOURS of phone time as with any question, you will be on phone for well over an hour. Plus few Medtronuc phone reps really speak English. Main reason for my upgrade was to change to the G4 sensor but there is not sufficient space or time to explain why I immediately changed back to Freestyle Libre 2. No real change in function between 770 and 780 - certainly not worth the frustration.

Enough said.