Watch "MiniMed™ 780G user experience by one of the early users. (2/2)" on YouTube

Above is a link to how the 780g system has performed. Let’s hope it performs what they say it does

It wont. That’s just marketing.

Automated systems are tough - lots of work.
If the goal is less work, I doubt that automated systems are the right fit.

The 770 has been way less work than an ordinary pump using set basal rates. I only have the carb ratio and AIT to worry about when the weather changes. Medtronic’s sensor may not be as good as dexcom’s but it does the job.

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I read that it’s been approved by FDA and new orders are being accepted mid May. I’m just not sure what to do now.

Maybe have conversation with your endo if they are well versed on latest pumps. Discuss pros/cons. Consider waiting until others upgrade and report reviews online.

I used Medtronic pumps for many years, now on year 4 of Tandem T-slim X2. So new pump decision next year.

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That’s a good idea. I’ve sent a PM to my CDE, since we just met last week and discussed moving forward with Dexcom and Tandem. If I do wait for Medtronic 780, I’ll have to find a transmitter to tide me over.